Saturday, July 07, 2007

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So last night we went to Summerfest. We walked around for a bit, then watched the BMXers, including some wipeouts. I think the best part about Summerfest, or any midwestern festival for that matter, is people-watching. It's fascinating.

We camped out and waited for Dashboard for about an hour. Highlights of this wait included an underage drunk girl asking Joel & Whitney if they were "going out." Joel said that she was his wife, and she replied that "OMG! You are like, the CUTEST couple EVER! (To Whitney): You are soooo pretty!! (To Joel): If you ever leave her, I'm going to come kick your A$$!" Then she went on about how she wanted to be in their wedding (didn't wife give that part away???) and that she wanted to be the flower girl. She kept apologizing for being an underage drunk girl and how she is sooo silly right now! It was really funny.

We were actually really impressed with Dashboard. They are very good live, which I wasn't expecting. They played "Screaming Infidelities", which everyone went crazy for, of course. The part I hate about concerts and popular songs is that EVERYONE sings along, sometimes the artist even "handing" the mic over to the audience, and you can't hear the artist himself. I didn't pay to hear a drunk crowd sing, I came to hear the band. We didn't have the best view--on a picnic table in the back right behind the sound stage. But I did see them when I stood on my tippy toes. Highlight during the show: a guy shimmied up a lightpole to get a better view of the stage. It was really quite impressive. The band even stopped and watched him. Everyone below was throwing food and beer bottles and garbage at him. He hung in there for quite awhile before he slid straight down the pole. The band stopped again, then announced that he was okay and started again. Pretty funny.

We left halfway through the set and headed for Chevelle. We heard bits of Augustana on the way over, who sounded good as well. Chevelle was a bit of a disappointment. Too much bass, couldn't hear the lyrics, and of course, a much rowdier crowd. We did hear them play "Send the pain below" during the encore, which is really the only song I know anyway, so I was happy to hear that. No real highlights here.

We parked super close for cheap at the Milwaukee Art Museum, and the highlight leaving was when Joel pulled out and somehow got in the taxicab lineup, and we stayed there for a few minutes until we started to wonder why we weren't moving. All in all, good Summerfest experience.

This morning we left super early (like 8:30---yes, that's early for a Saturday) and headed down to Chicago with Joel & Whitney. We went to Taste of Chicago and tasted lots and lots of different things. We had jerk chicken and red beans and rice (gross), BBQ meatball sandwich (YUM), sweet potato salad (YUM), sesame beef (YUM), perogies (OK), italian ice (DOUBLE YUM), and I got a super huge pickle (Of course YUM).

After that we met up with our friends, The Simpsons. This was awesome, I'm not gonna lie.

After we were sufficiently stuffed with samples, the boys headed to the White Sox/Twins game and we went shopping. We didn't get too far before we hit Macy's and I got some stuff at Lush and we decided to eat in the cafe there. Who knew it would be the world's shortest baseball game and the guys call us like 2 hours later saying the game was over. And they were starving. So we met up and decided on Chicago deep dish at Giordano's. Delicious. All I did was eat today. It was wonderful.

My feetsies are feeling it though, and I'm ready for bed. Today was a super fun day, all around. Lots of "fun, food, and family" as Joel put it so well. Ha. But really, I laughed harder today than I have in a long time. Love it.

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amy said...

i'm all sorts of jealous of your marred without kids status. sounds like a fun time.