Sunday, July 08, 2007

Season Two here I come

Thursday night I finished the last episode of The OC, season 1. My mind is racing with questions! Does Ryan come back? Is the baby his? Can Seth really survive on that little catamaran? Please note: I DO NOT want the answers to ANY of these questions! I am 100% clueless as to anything that happens in the next seasons. NO SPOILERS! Since then I have been debating how to watch the next two seasons. I had the idea to join Blockbuster Online for like 5 bucks a month but I'm too impatient for that. Then I just looked on Amazon and eBay and you can buy each season for a mere 20 bones! Done and done! I'll just sell them again when I'm done! For some reason I was thinking each season cost like 80 bucks or something. Why did I think that? Loco. I should move fast, so I'll have them for the 9 hour drive to Erie next week. I can get a good 15 episodes in, right?? Except that I think I'm driving the night shift on the way out....hmmmm....

We leave for DC on Thursday. We are in a bit of a pickle. Will the blog world somehow come to my rescue and prove that the universe does indeed make sense? We fly into BWI at 10:30, just barely missing the last bus to DC. We'll get a shuttle if we have to, but is there a chance that someone knows someone in the DC area that has nothing to do Thursday night that would love to give us a ride down to DC? I'm sure some arrangement for delicious Wisconsin cheese can be made!

We have tours lined up for the White House and The Capitol. Should be pretty sweet. We will hit up the Smithsonians and monuments, of course, and possibly Arlington and the Holocaust Museum. We are pretty much going to try and cram in as much as possible in 2 days. We are also, as Scott so eloquently put it, "sweat like a whore in church" while we're there. Who picked July???

I made carrot cake again today.

A spider attacked my church bag in sacrament today. I was freaked out, and got the shivers and shudders and gross bug feelings, and Derrick saved the day by squishing it in my Sunday School book. Knew that thing was good for something!

I'm working tomorrow! Gasp! At a CPA firm, doing employee satisfaction surveys or something like that. Sounds like a blast.

I have crazy sweaters on my teeth. Too much cream cheese frosting. Must brush now.


Dave said...

I lived out in DC for a couple months... you may want to skip the Holocaust Museum. I know that sounds really callous and harsh, but it doesn't really fit with the rest of a patriotic outing.

I really did not enjoy it--I found the museum to be too long. It was weird cuz at first I was shocked and horrified, but after spending 2 and a half hours looking at things, I found myself numbed to the atrocities I was reading/watching. Don't get me wrong--I think everyone should know more about this horrible event, it's just that I found it to be extremely depressing and just way too long. Go for it if you have time, but I would recommend seeing so many other things before this museum.

Sorry I can't help you out as far as the ride goes. Although I'm sure Caitlin would be down for some of that cheese.

Karen said...

No, I totally hear what you're saying. I've been there before, like 10 years ago, and one of the friends we're going with has too. If we don't make it, I won't be too bummed. I do remember it being pretty depressing, and I remember distinctly the big pile of shoes that reeked. Blech.