Friday, July 27, 2007

Need this:

I saw this bumper sticker today at the mall after lunch and cracked up. I was going to stop and take a picture of it, but well, you know, I had to poop and couldn't stop.

It's perfect!


Annie said...

I need to get this bumper sticker tattooed on my forehead.

So I'll give you the same conversation Brandon (my husb) has with every Callister we meet:

"You're last name's Callister? That's my mom's maiden name. Christene Callister. Her dad was Robert Callister."

"Oh, really? I bet we're related."

"Are you related to Reed Callister, the GA?"

"Yah, I think I am."

"I think we are, too. I guess this means we're related."

NelsonFamily said...

Thanks for the nice comment. I got the dress at Macy's in the Juniors dept. Its the O'Neill brand. :)