Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Things I cannot live without

Here's a wee list of things I love. Can't live without. Use them constantly. Some are girly, so I apologize in advance to the dudes in the audience. But who knows, they may like them too.


This facewash from Lush is the best. Zaps oil and seriously gets your face clean. Don't let the black scare you. The charcoal soaks up any nasties and does the job. Lasts a long time, too. And you can rest easy knowing there's no crazy chemicals in it.

Mint Chapstick

What used to be a rare find is making itself more abundant lately. I am NEVER without chapstick, and this is the best, in my opinion. It doesn't dry your lips out more, but adds just the right amount of moisture and minty freshness. And for a buck, you can't beat it.

Shiseido Concealer

I have perpetual dark circles under my eyes. While this doesn't make them disappear, it does help. A little. It's actually green concealer, but I couldn't find a picture of that, and I'm too lazy to take one of my own. I really like Shiseido packaging too. Those guys in marketing are laughing all the way to the bank, I'm sure.

Tide to Go

This truly is a miracle pen. I don't think there's anything that I haven't been able to get out with it. I carry it with me always. It really bugs me that I can't carry it on a plane though. What if I get a pretzel stain???


The unprecedented king of orange juice, hands down. I prefer it with Some Pulp. I have to have some form of juice every day. Orange juice is preferred, although I have been on a grape juice kick lately. But I think that's winding down.

Ike the iPod

He goes everywhere with me. I love him like he's my own son. He doesn't have color and he doesn't play videos, but that's okay, b/c I'm a purist. I just want him to play music for me. And he does. And I love him.

Oh okay, this guy too....

I won't get all sappy, b/c I'm not really like that anyway, but he makes me laugh and happy when I'm sad, and just fun to be around. He teaches me a lot, especially about sports and who plays for which team, but more importantly about the gospel, which I feel I know so little about sometimes. We make a good team, and I sure am glad he's my husband!


Silvs said...

What a sweetheart...have you tried vanilla mint chapstick? That one is my personal fave, but it's hard to find. Lately I have been going with peppermint chapstick and that leaves a crazy cool feeling on the lips in addition to doing it's job. All good things.

Samantha said...

I want to try Coalface now. I like Lush. Also I want to try the Shiseido. What shade do you use? B/c I always have circles under my eyes anyway and now that I get no sleep b/c of our sweet adorable baby, it's even worse.

Shannon Dickman said...

inspirational!! I love the list of "loves" - I need to try the coalface thing too now :)

Miss you - and we are planning on you guys in October!

Dave said...

Good to see that you are ranking your husband below face wash and some crappy chapstick. I'm sure he feels very loved right now.