Thursday, August 23, 2007

Double Feature

I saw two dollar movies today. Can life get any better? Round one: Surf's up with Amy, Emily, and their kids. It was adorable. Lots of adult humor. Too cute. Round two: Evan Almighty with D-fresh. Again, very funny, and with a good message.

We put an offer down on a house yesterday, in the middle of a storm. The power was out at the realtor's office, so we did it by candlelight. How romantic. We'll hopefully hear something from the sellers tomorrow morning. Yikes!

I didn't work a single day this week. Lame-o. I did watch a lot of OC though, which isn't terrible, either. Tomorrow Kaylynn and her boyfriend Brook are coming to Chicago for a wedding so I'm meeting them down there and hanging out for a bit. Should be lots of fun---I'm super excited!

FM102.1, the alternative rock radio station here, is having a contest where you can go see....well now I can't remember who, but the concert is in Salt Lake City. And if you qualify to enter the trip, you get a Book of Mormon side prize to help prepare you "converse with the locals." I'm not sure how I feel about this, but I guess for the most part it's not a bad thing if the Books of Mormon are getting out to random people, right? Maybe they'll read it!

2 days till Vegas!! Lined up so far: La Reve on Monday and Love on Thursday. Excellent food and fun mingled in between. Yay!

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SyXbiT said...

both of those films were TERRIBLE!
especially Evan Almighty