Saturday, September 01, 2007

Yes, I am alive!

I'm back online! Hooray!

Some updates:

We got outbid on the house we offered on. It was a bummer, but we were surprisingly not devastated about it. Maybe being in America's Playland softened the blow. We had been praying a lot about the house, and we got our answer. The foundation would probably have crumbled the day we closed!

Had an incredible time in Vegas. I got to spend 5 days with one of my besties, Sara. We had a blast. Seriously. Celebrity sightings: 5. Jay-Z, Travis Barker, Shop Boys, Stat Quo, Gene Simmons. Oh, make that 6. That chick from the Apprentice that chose to go home early b/c her mom was sick. Lemme look her up...Heidi. Pictures to come. We ate lots of good food, and saw some awesome shows. Sara and I went to the Bodies Exhibit, which was amazing. As if I didn't have a big enough appreciation for the human body, this made it even bigger. Some seriously cool stuff. If it travels near you, check it out fo sho'.

Vegas changes I wasn't digging:

The Barbary Coast is no longer.
5 reel slots. Where are the 3???
The Sirens show at TI. TERRIBLE!!!

Things about Vegas I still love:

Free drinks
The water show at the Bellagio
People watching
The lights

We drove up to Provo today. Met Maika for lunch at Tucano's (YUM) and then walked around campus. So many changes! School starts on Tuesday, so the campus was buzzing with new students and parents. It was fun to see them all. Although some of those kids looked waaaaaay too young to be starting college!! Makes me feel so old!! We checked out the new Hinckley Alumni Building, which is beautiful, and has an amazing visitors center. Very cool building. After a quick trip to Sonic we finally headed home to Scott's house. We hung out for a bit then I drug the guys to the church distribution center to pick up the hymns on CD and other random churchy things. We met Antony for dinner at Cafe Rio, (which, in my opinion, is NOT NEARLY as good as I remember it. I think they changed the sauce. I was very disappointed. The tres leches cake, though, is great.) We got our computer from Antony, which works great!! Thanks again for finding us a great little computer for a fantastic price!! And sorry for all the British comments! ;)

We saw License to Wed tonite at the dollar theater. Pretty cute movie. Almost the entire cast of the Office is in it. Except for Pam and Michael. And Dwight.

It's weird to be back in Provo and not be a student. Walking around, I kept thinking that one day I'll be bringing my 18 year old up for their freshman year of college. That'll be fun. And sad!

Tomorrow's the big game! We picked up our BYU blue t-shirts and we're all ready to go. Now all we need to do is win!

I'll find my card reader later and post some pictures. It's sad...almost all of our friends have moved away, so we don't really have many people to visit while we're here. More time to relax, I guess!

Let's go Cougars!


Samantha said...

When we were in Idaho a couple of weeks ago, we went to Sonic every day. I miss that place. But it's no good for my wishes to lose baby weight.

It is nice to visit Utah, I think. Not to live so much but you never know where we'll end up. Basically wherever we get a job....

Lara said...

We were just in Utah, and I was walking around the campus, thinking the same thing! Only, in EIGHT years, it will be a reality! YIKES!

Hubby said he ran into you guys in Vegas! Hey, what happens in Vegas...

Sorry about the house. But when it's right, it will happen!

Linda said...

Three great meals in one day! I can't tell you how jealous I am. I would give anything to go to Tucano's again...yum.
Sarah (my sis) starts BYU on Tuesday. I am sure she is nervous. How about that game, go cougs! I miss you, enjoy the rest of your trip!