Friday, August 10, 2007

Faust, Fruit, Fair, Food, FRIDAY!

I was suuuuper sad to hear about President Faust's death. He was my favorite GA. I always loved his talks. Not that everyone else's weren't great too, but you know how it is with favorites. I feel bad bagging on apostles, but if you want my opinion on President Monson, I'll tell you. I just have issues with his delivery, not content. Nothing serious. Nothing lightning-bolt worthy or anything. I hope.

We are chaperoning a regional dance in Sheboygan tonite. That's like an hour away. Yikes. When I volunteered to chaperone, I had no idea it was in Sheboygan. Oh well. Let the blessings rain down upon me!

Last night we looked at more places with our realtor, then pseudo-celebrated our anniversary at a strip mall Mexican joint. Hey, nothing too extravagant for the 4 year anniversary! Traditionally, the 4th anniversary gift is fruit/flowers. Well, I guess beans, beans, ARE the magical fruit, right? Who says we don't follow tradition?

Actually, tomorrow is the day we are officially celebrating. We are starting off our day with the State Fair. Bright and early when it opens, 8 am. The best time to go, in my opinion. Nice and cool, no crowds yet, flavored milk for breakfast. After the fair, (and a shower), we're headed to the temple for our Stake Temple Day. Then, to top it all off, it's dinner at Wildfire. Best. Steaks. Ever. If you are ever in the vicinity of one, I strongly recommend you go. Get a crust on your steak, blue cheese is delish, and you won't be sorry. Oh, and don't forget the sweet potato. YUM!!!!!

Great day, don't you think??

Happy Friday!

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E.F.G. said...

I'm planning our neighborhood group's FHE for Monday. I was google searching to see if I could find a favorite treat of Pres. Faust's...when I typed in "President Faust Favorite Food", TheWetdonkey popped up as the #2 link! Big grin! Loving your wonderful blogness.