Thursday, August 09, 2007


Yes, folks, today the Mister and I have been married four whole years. Pretty speedy four years, if you ask me. I sent Derrick flowers at work, which I'm sure he didn't think was very cool as a dude, but I figured he'd have to bring them home, and then essentially I'd have flowers, too. Win-win, right? I tried to pick "manly" flowers, which is near impossible. The best I could do was red, orange, and yellow gerbera daisies, which looked like fire together, and fire's pretty manly right? Although I'm pretty sure any essence of dude was negated by the white vase with red hearts all over it. Ha. I'll take a pic when he brings em home.

I still remember almost everything about our wedding day. I mostly remember how awesome it was that all of our friends and family flew in from around the country to be with us that day. It was sweet. The weather was beautiful. I got to eat. I was treated like a princess. I want to get married again, just for those reasons.

Derrick and I make a pretty good team, I think. We agree on almost everything (except he hates pickles, and I love them...minor discrepancy). We hardly ever fight, and if we do, it's usually because of me. And he's quick to forgive. Bonus for me, who likes to give the silent treatment. I'm getting better at that, though. Although I'm willing to bet he welcomes those periods of silence.

Unrelated to our wedding, I feel I should mention Barry Bonds and his new record. I did see it live. I was amazed at the crowd scrambling for the ball. It was hilaroius. I guess I just wanted to say I saw it, for future historical reference. To prove I'm cool. Like that needs proving.

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Linda said...

Happy Anniversary! I love that you sent flowers. I know deep down he loved it and all the other men are jealous.