Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mash up

Random post ahead, like mash up music. Like Girl Talk, who I learned about through my SIL, Kaylynn. (Who is also my go-to for new music--lucky left coast girl!) Great workout music, bytheway. Gets you moving!

Last night I saw No Reservations with some friends. IT looked decent from the previews, and ended up being your typical romantic pseudo-comedy, with a beginning, predictable conflict, and even more predictable resolution and ending. Why is it in movies whenever there's a pillow fight, feathers are always somehow magically removed from the pillow and floating in the air. This has never ever happened in my life, and I have been in my share of pillow fights, as gay as that sounds. I like Abigail Bresling, though, so it made it ok. I still need to see Little Miss Sunshine...It was fun hanging out last night, and I realized, after hearing about how other husbands are lazy bums, Derrick actually helps out a lot! I can't really complain! (He'll be thrilled to read this, I'm sure...)

I was a victim of racial profiling today. I was at K-Mart (I was the closest thing at the time, and I needed colored pencils) and on your way out you have to show this security guard your receipt. Now, this K-Mart is in an okay neighborhood, but frequented by a shadier population, so this security guard is probably warranted. Well, she was checking receipts of the people in front of me, and I walk out, and she looks at me and says, "Have a nice day." Doesn't ask for my receipt. If I saw that situation from the outside, I'd probably be a little peeved. But I go about my pseudo-white way.

I've come to the obvious realization that I need to study my scriptures more, and better. I'm starting a new study method tonite, which I'm super excited about. I got this book a year or so ago and just haven't gotten around to doing it yet.

It's supposed to help you really think about what each verse means, and then provides a way for you to easily go back and know, in general, what is going on simply by knowing what each color means. (The reason for my trip to K-Mart this afternoon!) I'm really hoping that I can get a lot more out of the scriptures this way. We'll see how it goes!

Well, I guess this wasn't all too random. No more random that usual. Off to bed! I'm a workin' girl again!

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josiejean said...

Go rent LMS right now. And Eric need not be lumped into the group of lazy husbands.