Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Well, I continue to blog on The Dinosaur. But, I'm treating it well, and likewise it is treating me well. So far. However, thanks to Antony, who always knows the best deals on the internets regarding all things geeky, I bought a brand spanking new laptop on dell.com this morning. I had it shipped to Utah. One more thing to look forward to in the Holy Land! Oh! And a new printer/scanner/copier, which I'm way excited about. I have many pictures to scan in and share!

I didn't intend to leave so many people hanging on my fight! I shall elaborate:

The scene: Millenium Park bathrooms, downtown Chicago.

The line was long. I really had to go. In the past two hours I had guzzled 2 glasses of water at Giordano's, a Diet Coke at the Signature Room up the Hancock Building, and a Slurpee. (I had been craving a Slurpee for MONTHS. And they had all the best flavors: Pina Colada, Banana, and Cherry. Perfect!)

There is a Hispanic girl cleaning the restrooms. Wiping countertops, picking up trash, refilling TP. Minding her own business, really. Well, this crazy black lady is ALL up in her grill.

Crazy lady: Where's my radio???
Hispanic girl: Shrugs, goes about her business.
CL: Where is my radio???
HG: Again, shrugs. "I don't know."
CL: I know you have it! Give it to me.

It's clear the cleaning girl doesn't have it. She has a bucket and a trash bag.

CL: Where is my radio? I left it right here. You have it! Give it to me!
HG: Continues to ignore her.
CL: You think you'd be in this country long enough to learn English, bitch!

Now this is where I can no longer be a witness. I step in:

Me: She doesn't have your radio, leave her alone.
CL: Yes she does. She's the attendant, she has to have it.
Me: No she doesn't. And she's not an attendant. She just cleans the bathrooms.

At this point others pipe up and agree with me that she's not an attendant.

Me: If you left your radio in a public bathroom, someone stole it. It's gone.
CL: No! She has it!
Me: (About to punch this lady) She does NOT have your radio. You left it here. YOU LOST IT! It's gone!
CL: (Up in my grill) No, YOU lost it, bitch!!
Me: Whatever.

I walked out, and the crazy lady walked out soon behind me, giving me the hairy eyeball the whole time.

Dude, Chicago is a busy place, and this is a public bathroom. If you leave something in there, even remotely valuable, someone is going to take it. And the poor cleaning girl has to listen to crazy people like this all the time, I'm sure, and can't really do anything about it. Being mean to innocent people? Not on my watch!

Another incident in the same area: There are big water fountains in Millenium Park where kids can play and get wet and all that jazz. Well, we're sitting and watching the fountains (there are fiber optic faces on them that change) and we notice a boy, about 5 or 6, wearing nothing but a neon yellow t-shirt. No pants, no underwear, no shoes or socks. Just a t-shirt. 5 or 6 years old. You could see his weiner dangling about as he ran in and out of the water. This is NOT appropriate, I don't care what the situation. Even if the kid crapped his underwear, dump it out, rinse it out, put them back on. I don't even want to think about how many sickos were out there watching him and getting their jollies. Sick. I REALLY wanted to go say something to the mom, but Derrick wouldn't let me. Would it have been inappropriate for me to say something? This is a VERY public place. Man, it gets me worked up just thinking about it!!! What would you have done?

New songs I love: Paralyze by Finger 11. And the new one by Linkin Park, Bleed it Out.

Ok, back to being unemployed! Finished season 2 of the OC today! 2 more to go!

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E.F.G. said...

Loving that CL ends the encounter with "No YOU lost it!" Seriously, how did you not laugh in her face? Unless of course she was speaking metaphorically about losing the altercation or something...but I doubt it.

Way to be the good guy.