Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Playing catch up

Okay...Friday. Regional dance in Sheboygan. Generally uneventful. Girl to guy ratio about 3:1, which made our girls very bitter, as you can see:

The DJ, a chubby dude sitting at a table with his iBook, plays "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne, probably 4 or 5 songs into the dance. Please tell me if you think these lyrics are appropriate for the cultural hall inside a CHURCH BUILDING:

Don't pretend, I think you know I'm damn precious,
And hell yeah, I'm a mother f------ princess

And no, it was NOT edited. Unbelievable. Immediately after, a group of kids went up and had them change it. Kudos to them, I say.

Now....the FAIR!!! It was awesome, as usual. Let our journey begin...

We started the day off with flavored milk. Root beer, strawberry, cherry vanilla, and chocolate. Root beer, hands down, is my favorite. It tastes like the end of a root beer float, when the ice cream has melted and mixed with the root beer. Delicious.

Then it's off to the animal barns. The fair's not the fair without an emo bunny.

Speaking of bunnies, maybe it's just me, but this seems to be a little bit of a cruel classification system.

We checked out the pigs, and I pretended to be one for a few minutes. Not that it took a lot of pretending. Just wait till the food part comes up.

In case you haven't noticed, I love to take pictures with mascots, or people in costumes. I have a whole collection. We scored Saturday with not only an Oreo, but Spam as well. Bonus.

Probably the best part of the fair is the FOOD. Of course, I had to get a cream puff. How could I not?

We played a little bingo (no wins this year) and started to get hungry for some real food. So we chowed down on some roasted corn, which is the best corn ever. It probably has something to do with the big vat of butter they dip it in before they hand it over.

Next up, turkey leg. Nothing says "fair" like eating food caveman style.

And last, but certainly not least, new at the fair this year were deep fried s'mores. Someone in carnie-land must be hearing my prayers.

Seems like I have a lot of pictures of me eating like this....It fell off the stick a little bit, but it was warm and gooey and all in all, not bad, although the $4 price tag is a little steep. But hey, it's the fair. And did I mention that on our way into the fair, a group of blue hairs gave us 2 extra tickets they had? Sure they were senior tickets, but the girls working the gate sure didn't care. Score! Free entrance tickets meant more money for fooooood.

Here is just one example of the shrew business dealings of carnies. Why buy 2 pairs of sunglasses at $10 each, when you can buy THREE at $10 each. It was pretty hard to pass a deal like that up, let me tell you.

We left the fair full and happy. It was a perfect morning. After a shower we headed down to the temple, which proved to be an amazing time as well. We were well taught by the temple president, and it was really cool to see people from our ward and stake throughout the session.

Amazingly enough, we were hungry again, jus in time for dinner at Wildfire. Every bite was delicious. I never get as excited to eat a steak as I do there.

On the drive home we saw fireworks from Six Flags. Right over the freeway. Perfect ending to a perfect day!


Lara said...

Now I'm hungry, dammit! Sounds like you had a blast, though!


NelsonFamily said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! You and Derrick do make a great team! I am excited to hear about your upcoming adventures delivering babies (and having one. Wink Wink). Have an awesome day.

Kara Pothier said...

I can't believe I missed out on the Fair, maybe next year. Sounds like you guys had fun. How's the home hunting going, any prospects. I think about you as I'm out walking about and see homes for sale, I always grab the flier out of curiosity (i'm sure realtors hate my type!) anyways, at one point I thought I'd give them to you, and then I realized, you're probably trying to stay in the same ward, so I just collect them in the bottom of my stroller until I clean it out and start over!!