Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!

I feel like my readers truly know me! I did pick #2! Hooray! The world makes sense once again. In picture #1, I have ginormous veins running down my forehead. I have never noticed these bad boys before. #3 has crazy head tilt. Why do they do that??? And #4, I think, has "anime mouth". Look closely and you'll agree. In case you're not hip with your Japanese cartoons, I'll show you an example:


You all know I am a Price is Right fan. Actually, I am a fan of all things game show. Growing up my mom never let me watch game shows for some reason. So I would be super excited when I did get to watch one. I loved Press Your Luck epecially. Who doesn't love those Whammies?? Well, imagine my delight when I get an email from The Wheel of Fortune (I do subscribe to their Wheel Watcher Updates, you know) telling me they are auditioning here in Milwaukee on Saturday!! You bet your buns I'll be there! Derrick seemed less than excited when I told him. Bum. I told him I'd go alone, I don't care. But, I am officially inviting anyone in the Metro Milwaukee area to go with me Saturday from 11-2 at the Waukesha Steinhafel's. Who's with me???

Now I just need to get on Jeopardy! to round out the trifecta. I might have a shot at the high school championships....


Silvs said...

Oh man...I feel dumb for being the ONLY person who didn't put number 2. But I did have it narrowed down to either of those. I didn't see the veins. Upon closer inspection...these are loafers.

josiejean said...

I'll do it...i like that gameshow. I owe all my skills to years of church hangman. Game shows run in my family. Eric's dad won 80K on 1 vs 100!