Friday, September 14, 2007

Why am I always the last to know???

I know I'm 4 years late in catching this train, but I am obsessed with this Album:

My interested was piqued when they were on The O.C. (which I have NOT had time to watch!), and then when I was in Utah I uploaded the CD from a friend. I've been listening to it non-stop. I love it when I find CDs like that. A CD where every song is great. Where I never get tired of listening to it. It also reiterates to me that this genre of music is really my favorite. I've also been hitting the Foo Fighters "In your Honor" album pretty hard latey, too. They are fabu.

Last night I hosted a knitting night. Only 6 people showed up, but I don't know if I would have had room for more! Everyone learned the basic knit stitch, and I was the proud mama. Although ARL mostly sat and looked at the needles like they were a calculus equation. Amy--I KNOW you can do it!! If it were up to me, I'd have everyone I know knitting and obsessing over new yarns like I do. I can't wait to be done with school and boards and knit in the winter like I used to. 92 days....

Yesterday in my clinical I saw some clients at an Adult Literacy Center in the inner city. It was really interesting, actually. However, I think community nursing is NOT for me, if only for the fact that I can already tell I will get too attached to the patients and want to save them all by myself with my own resources. Not a good idea! It's been a huge eye opener to see people that really do not have a place to live. No food to eat. No family to love them and support them. They're trying to do good for themselves and get their GED, get a job, get medical insurance. Makes me realize I have it way too good. There's so much inequality out there, and no real solution to any of it. It's a sucky situation.

I bought fabric to make a quilt yesterday. The only problem is I've never successfully made a quilt on my own! If anyone would like to be my tutor, I can graciously pay in baked goods!I love the colors I picked out, I just hope I can translate my imagination into something decent.

Well, Friday IS my day to get tons done, so I guess I should get to doin'!

Hope everyone's Friday is grrrrrreat!


amy said...

hmmm, yes, a calculus problem. no wonder i couldn't get it done. i had to take that class twice in college.

SyXbiT said...

as your "all things geeky" person, I've got to inform you that that's the wrong usage of the word "upload"

you upload to somewhere
you download from somewhere

Samantha said...

You're an amazing knitter! Zara is wearing the sweater you made for her all the time. I'll take a picture and post it soon! It's so cute.