Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wheel of Misfortune

As you can guess, we didn't get a chance to audition. Lindsey and I got to Steinhafel's pretty early, at 9:20. We waited in an already huge line until 10 when they started herding people in and passing out applications. They usher us though the showroom floor into a giant warehouse floor. The stage was set up in the front. At 11 they started and introduced everyone and then calling up people in groups of 5. The "Pat" host was suuuuper annoying. He spent FOREVER asking the people their names and what they like to do and blah blah blah. Then they played a Speed Round until someone won, and then called another group of 5 up. They called about 5 or 6 groups up, and when we realized we weren't going to get called, we left. We could have waited for the 3rd group of auditions, but we were so annoyed at the host and the whole thing that we left. But not before we got some sweet pictures.

My quilt is coming along quite nicely. All I want to do is sew, but I can't, because I have homework and other lame things to do, like cooking and cleaning. If I had my way, I'd get to stay home all day and do crafty things. Sewing, knitting, cooking, baking, photographing, etc. That would be sweet.

My fantasy football team lost last night. So sad. To a team that I'm sure hasn't even been looked at since it was formed. That's not fair. :(

I had lots to blog about. But I forgot it all.

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NelsonFamily said...

Your comment about Fantasy Football got me curious, since I have never looked at the one you made for me.

If only I understood what all the numbers and letters on my fantasy football page was trying to tell me.

I guess I will have to have Skyler help me understand it all. :)