Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall TV

Fall means new TV shows, which means I don't get anything done around here. I don't usually watch new shows, but since I feel so left out when people rave about awesome new shows, I decided to give some new ones a spin. OK, actually just one--Bionic Woman. Not really sure why I picked this one. I never watched the first one, so I have no idea how it compares. I can't really form an opinion after just one episode, but it looks interesting enough to watch again. I'm waiting for Carpoolers to start, which looks pretty funny. Oh! I also watched Private Practice, the Gray's spin off show. If Addison can stop being such a freak, it might be good. We'll see. Other shows back on that I love: SNL (which I'm currently watching), The Office, ER, The Bachelor, Survivor, America's Next Top Model, Gray's Anatomy, Beauty and the Geek. I think I'm probably missing some.

Current obsession: cheese, avocado, and salsa quesadillas. mmmmm.....

The leaves are changing here. It's really pretty, but at the same time really depressing. Cold and snow are just around the corner. We leave for Denver on Thursday for a wedding, and I'm guessing the leaves and scenery will be beautiful. I hope so! Any hot spots in Denver we should hit up? Derrick's never been, and I've only been once, so we'll take any suggestions!

School is still sucking.

In my attempt to be healthier (and slimmer) I've been eating a lot of fresh fruits and veggies. I've had a baked potato for lunch every day, and instead of sour cream I use cottage cheese. Sounds gross, but it's actually pretty good. And much better for you than sour cream. Although, sour cream DOES taste way better. I even got some tofu and have been using that as a topping as well. Yum. Unfortunately, all of these diet changes are wreaking havoc on my innards. Just ask Derrick.

I could really go for a quesadilla right about Sunday tomorrow! Gotta get it in quick!


josiejean said...

Doh! It's fast sunday today...whoops.

Samantha said...

1) I always forget about fast Sunday. For the last year though I've had gooood excuses. I was pregnant so I said I couldn't fast, and now I"m nursing so I still say I can't. And I'll hopefully be nursing for a year so YES. 2 years of no fasting. I'm so devout.

2) I love fall TV now. SOOO many new shows to watch. Unfortunately, Zara likes TV, so when she gets big enough to turn herself towards it, I'll have to cut down A LOT b/c I don't want her watching it.

3)I could live on guacamole. Problem = avacoadoes are usually 2 bucks EACH around here! So when they are 1 we are very happy eating guacamole for every meal.

4)It seems like every blog you guys are going somewhere around the country! It's sweet that you get to do that and Derrick can take off so much work. How many states have you been to?

5) YOU are trying to get slimmer? Dude, Karen, I think you're good there!

6) We should meet up sometime soon. Let me know next time you're in the chicagoland area and we'll meet up with you guys.

Lara said...

YOU MUST go to Hacienda Colorado in Lone Tree, where I used to live! It is absolutely the BEST Tex mex I've ever had. EVER. And the homemade flour tortillas---I could subsist entirely on them and them alone! You must try!

10500 Bierstadt Way, Lone Tree, CO (303) 858-8588
Just east of I-25, North of the Lincoln Ave. exit 193

*sigh* I miss Denver in a lot of ways--but make sure to drink lots of water while there! The altitude always got to me...