Thursday, October 04, 2007

Being busy sucks.

It means I have no time to blog. I hate it.

My interview went well yesterday. Derrick rehearsed with me the night before which really helped. The recruiter said that she would pass my info along and that I should hear something within two weeks. TWO WEEKS?? I hate waiting.

Good thing I didn't have to wait very long. Two different nurse managers called me this afternoon wanting to meet with me! So I'm meeting with one on Monday, and one on Friday, at two different hospitals, on two very different floors. Talk about a fast turnaround! Thanks to everyone for their well-wishes and prayers and advice!

Britney lost her kids. It was only a matter of time. She deserved it. Still, I can't get enough of her song, "Gimme More." Once a fan, always a fan.

I finally saw Transformers. Lots of action, and Josh Duhamel is, as always, the hotness. Shia LaBouf? Not so much. Funny tho.

I'm hopping aboard the Twilight bandwagon. Jodee lent it to me, and I'm all set to read it on the way to Denver. Everyone says it's great, and I'm ready for an easy read. Let's just not talk about the pile of homework I should be doing...

This just in: There are Sonic's in Denver!!! Bring on the cherry limeades!!!

Traveling is the best.


josiejean said...

It drives me nuts that Sonic advertises in Milwaukee when the closest one is in Illinois. Why do they tease me like that? I have attempted to recreate the Cherry Limeade, but it's just not as good as the original. So jealous.

Shannon said...

see - we totally hooked you up..and then you take off on us :) Can't wait to get you back so we can hang out a little longer before you head back home!