Tuesday, October 23, 2007


While we were in Vegas, Sara, Derrick and I saw David Copperfield at MGM. He puts on a weird show, but it was still fun, and I'm ALWAYS amazed and stunned at even the simplest magic tricks. My brother in law dabbles in magic, mostly card and coin tricks, but I'm right there with my little nieces and nephews, our jaws open in wonder. Anyway, at one point in his magic show, he produces a giant jar of dill pickles from a slim briefcase. Then he tosses out a few pickles into the audience. He throws one to me and I catch it. Apparently, this is my ticket on stage to help out with an illusion. Sweeeeet. It's the one where he impregnates a woman, in case you've seen it. Well, it was my job to write the name of the baby on a giant pad of paper, and then David opens up a sealed envelope with a card that has the name I wrote down. Now, I will not spoil the trick, since that ruins the fun, and the fact they expressly forbade me to talk about it with ANYONE (but how would they know, really??) but I think even talking about what happens next is probably against the rules. Well, after the trick, I went to sit back down, and a stagehand pulls me behind a door and tells me that David was impressed with how I handled myself on stage, and wants to personally thank me after the show, and gave me head shot of David that he would sign for me afterwards. So, at the end of the show, we waited around, and two other girls were waiting with me. Some female stagehands pulled up into the same hallway behind a door and pulled out an iPhone. My first thought was "Sweet! He's thanking us with iPhones!" Not so. She showed us a video on it about the Copperfield Islands in the Caribbean. She then talked about how she personally vacations there whenever she wants, and it's 8 private islands and you get to them by jet skis, and it's sooo fabulous. I'm wondering what the point of all this is. She tells us that David was very impressed with how we handled ourselves on stage, and our presence and yadda yadda, and that he wants to meet us personally to thank us, especially since we were "in" on some of the tricks. Before he comes out, we fill out this survey with our names, addresses, favorite colognes, flowers, drinks, etc. She said it was for ideas for future illusions. Then they took our picture individually with a Polaroid. Then David came out and shook our hands and chatted with us for a bit, then he took us picture with each of us on his own digital camera. Then he left and went to meet everyone that was waiting, so Derrick and Sara got to meet him. The stagehands gave us this little booklet on the Islands and showed us the website for it and an email address that they said we could send pictures to, so that we could stay in contact with them should a position open up with the show. After all of this, I'm still somewhat confused as to the point of all of it. So I asked again why all of this. She said he liked us and wanted us to keep in contact so we can work for them in the future. Weird, right? It was all very bizarre. Very, very, bizarre.

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Silvs said...

I love that while I'm reading this post and every time you write, "I'm wondering what the point of all this is," every time I'm also thinking, are you serious? the dude just wants to have sex with you. Every time. I'm sure it was completely random how he threw the pickle at you. And what a thinly veiled metaphor. That's not the only pickle he wants you to handle. Can you believe I just went there?

Samantha said...

Are. You. Serious. Are you? About this? This is insane.

Can you please explain the "impregnanting" someone trick?

And get back to me about that Friday if we can meet up!

Lara said...


That's what you get for being so pretty! Is Derrick weirded out or what?


NelsonFamily said...

That is so freaky.