Sunday, October 28, 2007

For the past couple weeks I have been extremely bummed at the lack of halloween-y type things I have planned. And by lack, I mean zero. Sure, there was the pumpkin party, but that did not include costumes. For a whole year I have thought about what I was going to be this year, and I've been super excited about it. I especially love to see all the little kiddos in their costumes. But have there been any costume parties planned? NO. Now, we are always more than willing to host a party, but the group has gotten pretty big theses days, and our place is not so huge. We don't mind, but apparently others don't like being "cramped at the Callisters." Fine. Understandable. Now, if you own a home and are easily offended, you should probably stop reading now. Back in August when we were in the process of buying a house, I already had the Halloween party planned. Big ole' basement, plenty of room upstairs, I had it all planned out. Well, that fell through, obviously. I was bummed. It seems like we are the only ones left in apartments these days--surely someone with more space would throw something together, right? Wrong. I was getting really despressed about this. Halloween is the best holiday ever, and I wasn't celebrating it! So Friday we went out with some friends for dinner, and then decided to go to a haunted house on the south side. It was decent-scared me plenty, that's for sure. Probably even more scary than the actual house was waiting outside in line, hearing actual gunshots a couple blocks away. Niiiice.

Tonite we had the O'Neill's and the Green's over and we carved pumpkins. It was really fun, I thought, but I'm a dork like that. We listened to Thriller and ate pumpkin-y desserts and roasted pumpkin seeds. Then I made everyone take a million pictures. Sorry, guys!

Getting the gunk out:

Intently carving:
Impressed with his pirate:

Our beautiful pumpkins!

Each pumpkin with its owner:
Wednesday we'll make our traditional dinner in a pumpkin. So even though I won't be dressing up, at least I'll be doing some festive things. And you better believe next year, when we have a house, we'll be throwing a kickass party. Costumes mandatory.

Am I the only one who likes to go to parties? Do social things? I don't really think so. When things are planned, people usually show up. I think it's just the planning of things. Are people lazy? Busy? Who knows. Still, it sorta bugs me. Ok, I'm done ranting.

Yesterday we saw Bee Movie! It was soooooo cute! But then, it was just my kind of movie. Really, it was adorable. Lots of little bee puns. We saw it as part of a sneak peak, and it comes out this weekend. I recommend it, especially if you have kidlets. Too cute.

Thanks to everyone who either emailed me or posted a chocolate chip recipe. I have enough recipes to keep my busy for awhile! I'll be sure to tell you how they turn out! (or don't....)


Linda said...

Allison is planning a soup night with the kids dressed up... Sorry I couldn't do more :). Please share if you find a great recipe! Allison Thompson swears by the recipe on the Toll House bag.

josiejean said...

If you want to plan a party you are always welcome to co host it here. I'm not good about planning parties - i never think people want to come - so i don't. Plus, I'm not a big fan of dressing up, getting the kids dressed up is struggle enough.

NelsonFamily said...

Wish we lived closer to each other. You would be proud I am quite the organizer over here (for mine and Tanner's sake). :)

chocolaholicmommy said...

Does it make you feel better to know I considered doing it? I just opted for the kiddie birthday/Halloween party while we're still getting settled in. Sorry Karen!