Sunday, October 14, 2007

Owie kapowie

I have an issue with my right shoulder. I don't know what's wrong with it, but it hurts. Not all the time, it comes and goes. It hurts to raise it straight in front of me, like to change the radio station in the car, or shift, or shake someone's hand, or scratch my head, or do pretty much anything. It hurts really bad. Today in church, I was complaining to Derrick about it, and he whispers, "Well, say goodbye to your major league pitching career." Cracked me right up. But it's true.

We saw Hairspray Friday night. Loved it. Great show. Hooray for musicals. Watching it I realized I have a secret crush on Zac Efron. All I need now are Lizzie Maguire pj's and I'm all set for a slumber party.

Saturday I saw Harry Potter 5, while the Derrick and friends watch BYU on a laptop. It was good. Dark, scary, and good. Except every time I watch a HP movie, I realize I don't remember what happened in the book. One day I'll read all of them right in a row, and then be a hermit for a day and watch all the movies back to back.

Another week of school, another week of reasons to hate UWM. I'm missing two days of clinical to go to Phoenix and be in a wedding and see my nephew baptized. Apparently these events do not warrant me the opportunity to make up these days. I should have just called from Phoenix saying I was deathly ill. Silly me, trying to take the high road and be honest. Tsk tsk. Well, give me a B. Give me a C. I don't care. Two months and a day until I graduate, and job opportunities are abounding. I'll bend over and show you were you can shove those two days of un-make-up-able clinicals.


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StarrySaltwaterRose said...

Oddly enough, I spent most of yesterday with a heating pad on my shoulder area, because I managed to do something to my neck, shoulder and arm while sleeping.

It did mean, though, that Lenny cleaned the house out of sympathy. =) Score! I basically told him that cleaning the house and making cabbage rolls was too much--so he did the house and I made cabbage rolls (plus cleaned the toilet...I can't figure out how to teach him how to do that).

I suppose neither of us will be making big bucks in the major leagues...