Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Weddings galore

I was remiss in mentioning the super awesome pumpkin party I had here on Saturday. Everyone brought something really yummy made out of pumpkin-we had quite a wide variety of pumpkin-y things! It was awesome! I made pumpkin chili and pumpkin lasagna, which both turned out better than I was expecting. I think this shall be an annual event. Yum!

This is our last week of clinicals in the community. We start on the OB/L&D unit next week, and I'm super excited. Even though I'm kind of starting off on the wrong foot by asking the instructor for 2 days off, and she's not having it, I'm still looking forward to it.

I don't think I mentioned that my old roomie Laura is getting married next month! We're going to Phoenix for Thanksgiving, and that's where she's getting married, so it worked out perfectly that we'll be there for it! I'm super excited to be in her wedding, since she was one of my bridesmaids, too. I got the dress, and now I just need to get it hemmed....since I'm tooooo short.

AND, I just found out that SARA just got engaged!!! They are planning on a May wedding in California. No complaining from me there! She was a bridesmaid of mine, and now I'll be one for her. It's about time that girl got hitched!

Add on Courtney's and Lindsey's wedding in June and October which I'm in, and that's FOUR dresses that will be hanging in my closet. One latte, one red, one pink, and one undecided. So...if anyone needs a dress to borrow, you know where to go!

I'm trying really hard to focus on studying for my midterm next week, but it's so hard. I've officially checked out of school mode.

I can't stop eating candy corn. It doesn't help that they're on every flat surface in our house. Yeesh.