Thursday, November 29, 2007

Paranormal activity

We have touch lamps on our nightstands on each side of the bed. These were Derrick's idea, and quite possibly the best one he's had regarding home decor. I love them. He loves them. They look nice and fit in with our bedroom furniture.

For the past couple of months, we will come home to both of our lamps being turned on to the lowest setting. It's not a patterned occurrence--we never know when it will happen. We came home from Phoenix with both of them on the highest setting--3 touches. What sucks about this is that we're paying the electricity for these lamps to be on, and who knows how long they had been on while we were in Phoenix.

So, having enough of this, I called maintenance and told them to come check it out. The maintenance guy just came, luckily I was home to make the bed really quick, and he couldn't find anything wrong. He reset the circuit breakers, but only b/c I suggested it. Dead serious, he asks me if I am open-minded. I knew were this was headed. Totally straight-faced and serious, he tells me it's probably a ghost. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Later, he realizes a hole in his theory, telling me something grounded needs to touch it (holding up his finger) and says that ghosts aren't grounded, they can't touch things. He seems totally perplexed by this. Um.......

I say, "Well, let's hope it's a friendly ghost!", thank him, and send him out the door.

Really? A ghost? That's the best you can do??

Guess I needed to call an exorcist instead.


NelsonFamily said...

We had worthless maintenance who always tried to explain our problems away instead of fix them. It is so frustrating. Good luck with the ghost.

josiejean said...

Have any mouse traps?

Lara said...

We had a touch lamp, and it did the SAME thing! We finally figured out that it was very sensitive to any jarring or vibrations. And all it would take would be someone "stomping" in the apartment above us, or knocking on the front door. We actually joked about it being "possessed" too.

Other than that, you may have mice, or REALLY big bugs...:-)

Shannon said...

that is hilarious! I love that the maintenance guy believes in ghosts :)