Monday, December 03, 2007

11 Days!

We got buckets of snow on Saturday. Like 6". I had class that morning and then planned on going grocery shopping afterwards. What should have taken an hour took three. That's why I hate snow. Even while it was falling I was cursing it. Never did I think in my mind, "Oh how beautiful!" Now everything is iced over and dirty and gross. Derrick even fell on the ice today. Try to suppress a laugh. I am. I still feel really bad for him, b/c I know it's only a matter of time before I'm flat on my back on the ground.

Today was the last day of academic classes I will ever take. Hopefully. I wanted to bust out of my skin afterwards. I sufficed by doing the happy dance. I just have to make it through 2 more weeks! I can't believe it!

Friday I had my new hire physical and filled out all the paperwork for my new job. Exciting stuff.

I have other mildly exciting news as well, but that will have to wait to come out. And no, I'm not pregnant. Calm yourself.

I have two more assignments to finish by Wednesday and then I'll never do another assignment again. But for some reason I'm SO not motivated to finish them.

Guess I'll go try again.


NelsonFamily said...

Wish we had video of the happy dance. Congratulations.

Rod and Kandace said...

Congratulations! By the way, ever heard of being TAGGED? Well I am tagging you. Sorry, I don't have a lot of blogger friends yet, so my list is short. However, you are so funny, I thought it would be fun to read what you have to say. Go to my blog to find out what you need to do.

J.R.G. said...

Earth to Karen YOU LIVE IN MILWAUKEE!! It snows there.

Lara said...

Yeah, snow sucks. I'm tired of it already. It would be nice if it was at least WHITE.

KaylynnCallister said...

I can only say I think snow is beautiful because I'm not in it. So sad for the old people who have to deal with it and break hips when they fall. That makes me so sad.

As for happy, CONGRATS on your last day of class!!!! I am so happy for you. And of course, jealous, but mostly happy.