Wednesday, December 05, 2007

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Another day, another 3 inches of snow, another fun ride into the hospital this morning. It totally sucks, but I guess the one good thing I can take away from all this is that I can drive in the snow like a champ.

I saw my first birth yesterday. It was pretty sweet. The mom was an absolute trooper--she literally doesn't feel when she has contractions. It wasn't until she was 7 cm dilated that she started to feel uncomfortable. She didn't take a drop of pain meds, and pushed maybe once and that kid just slid out. It was more like she farted out a baby. So crazy to watch.

I turned in the last of my assignments today, which was AWESOME. Last night when I finished my papers I did a huge happy dance around the living room. I seem to be doing a lot of happy dances lately. Yay.

Now that I'm done, it's time to clean and bake. My goal is to get all my Christmas baking done and distributed by next week, before everyone leaves for vacation. We'll see how that goes...

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Lara said...

Yeah. Okay. That mom, was a FREAK of nature. Trust. They'll not all be like that...