Monday, January 21, 2008


Someone left me an anonymous comment on an old old post, so I looked at my blog tracker to see if I could figure it out. I didn't, but check out these last 10 keyword searches:

1) "hairy for a girl"
2) Jerry Springer Jerry Beads Pics
3) pooping gallstones
4) jerry springer beads clips
5) "tell if my husband is gay"
6) donkey hump a girl
7) 8 T on a O mensa quiz
8) how long a donkey lives for
9) I'm obsessed with the Beatles
10) david copperfield magic spoiler

I think my favorite is #5. Hahaha! And I'm pretty sure I hold the market for all searches related to donkeys.

This weekend was brutal. Single digit temps, with wind chills down to minus 26. MINUS 26! No human should ever have to live in these conditions. And now it's been snowing all day. Yippee.

The Packers lost yesterday. It's all anyone is talking about today. I'm surprised the flags aren't at half mast today because of it. Even if they were, I wouldn't be surprised. Even these girls couldn't help the Pack. Remember folks, it was about minus 25 at the game last night.

Those tops must be padded, b/c you know they're nippin' out hard core!

We finally saw Live Free or Die Hard. Why are action flicks so unbelieveable? 5 people shooting a guy with automatic weapons and he escapes with nary a scratch? Hanging onto the tail of a fighter jet? Bruce Willis is truly bionic. Still, I liked it. It was funny. Suspenseful at times, and generally enjoyable. Scott, you'd be proud.

Now I've gotta go google how to find out if my husband's gay. :)


Linda said...

You got me curious--I checked mine and I found that there are way more people than there should be searching for a big bootied mom. Funny.

How do you find out if your husband is gay? :)

Caitlin said...

How do you check your keyword searches?