Friday, January 25, 2008

Still breathing

Yes, I am still alive. Nothing exciting is happening. I work. I come home. I eat dinner too late. I go to sleep. I repeat.

I was off today, which was nice. I slept in and then had lunch and went shopping with my friend Lindsey.

It's still freezing cold. We are going to Hawaii in 2 1/2 weeks, and it's not coming fast enough. I hope it's 50 below while we're gone and nice and sunny while we're lying on the beach. This trip has snuck up on us, with all the graduation and new job type things going on, I haven't even really had a chance to think about it and get excited. But with this weather lately, I can't wait! I've never been before--does anyone know of or have any favorite things to do? We're doing the Polynesian Cultural Center and Pearl Harbor before the cruise leaves, and then on the cruise we're going to all of the islands. In the meantime, I need to hit the gym hardcore!!

I know I have a huge crush on Tom Brady, but I know some of you guys out there do too. Just like this guy:

Love it. Tom Brady invented the iPhone!


Lara said...

Just a tip for Pearl Harbor--spend the extra $5 to get the audio tour--(you wear headphones but don't worry about looking like a dork because everyone else is too). It's very cool, and puts you in the action with spectacular sound effects. ALSO--don't be there any later than 7:30 am to get tickets! The line gets HUGE!

The PCC was awesome. Of course, all the shirtless guys were a plus!
I hope you have sun, unlike all the rain every day we had!


Samantha said...

Another trip?? The stay at home world hates you!

One day, we willl see each other again.