Monday, January 28, 2008

Too many deaths in one week

Every minute I blog is a minute I'm not studying. The guilt is overwhelming. The stress is worse.

It was indeed very sad news to hear that President Hinckley passed away last night. Along with everyone else, I will recount a memory of him. It was August 1999, and I had just gotten to Utah to attend BYU as a freshman. I flew out with two other people from my ward and a set of their parents. The older brother of one was graduating from BYU, and we went to the graduation ceremony. Gordy B was the speaker. I remember sitting in the Marriot Center amazed that I was in the very same building as the prophet. It wouldn't be the last time I was able to hear the prophet speak, and I am grateful for all the opportunities I had to listen to him, whether in person or on TV. He really did "favor us" with countless talks and words of counsel, some I felt directed solely at me. He will truly be missed, but just think of the reunion between him and Marjorie! Adorable!

I mourn another death tonite. That of Ike. We were working out tonite, and we were rocking out to Maroon 5, and he would freeze randomly. Well, I pop him into his speaker dock and he freezes while I'm in the shower. Derrick tries to reset him, and gets this sad little image:

Nooooooo! Nothing worse than a depressed iPod! Ike needs Prozac! Anyone know of any remedies for a sick, and possibly terminally ill, iPod? Ike needs your help!

Throw in Heath Ledger, and this week is just one big downer.


Lara said...

Hear, hear. Sorry about Ike. But NOW you can get another one! I got an Itouch for xmas, and I LOVE LOVE it. Highly recommend.

Caitlin said...

Yikes. I've been greeted by the sad mac face before too. Unfortunately, it took two trips to the Mac factory and 60 bones on each occasion just for them to send me a different ipod -- I guess my ipod's death was irreversible. Aside from being out 120 bucks, the best part was losing all the data I had put on there. I hope you have better luck. I'll be fashioning a pipe bomb to Steve Jobs later if you want to join me . . . :)