Friday, February 29, 2008

Thursday February 14th

The saga continues......

Thursday morning we got up at the butt-crack of dawn and made our way to LAX. Derrick was flying in from Vegas that morning, so he was meeting us there. He made the connection to our flight just in the nick of time. Literally. We hop on the plane, and with every minute I start to get more and more excited. The landing was beautiful, and walking off the plane I was instantly warm, and excited to learn the entire airport is outdoors. How amazing is that?

We get our car and head to our hotel for that night, the Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Waikiki Beach. This hotel was created just for me: everything was PINK! Pink hotel, pink sheets, pink towels, pink everything. When we walked up to the lobby, we got lei'd--girls with orchid leis, guys with kukui nut necklaces. The leis smelled and looked gorgeous, and the fresh beautiful flowers everywhere were so awesome.

The lobby opens right up to the beach, with a great view of Diamond Head. We immediately changed and hit the sand.

We had a Valentine's Dinner at the hotel restaurant, which was really good, then walked the shops up and down the main street in Waikiki.

By this point, it's like 2 am Milwaukee time, and we were wiped out. So we went to bed, since we had a busy day ahead of us!

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