Saturday, March 01, 2008

Friday February 15th--Oahu

Friday we slept in a bit then had breakfast in the hotel. We laid out on the beach for a little bit then got ready and started our trek up the north shore to Laie.

We stopped at Pipeline to check out the waves. They were wimpy, but there were still a lot of surfers trying to hang 10.
We passed by the Dole Plantation, and I convinced everyone that we needed to stop just for 10 minutes. 10 turned into 30, and we had pineapple ice cream with pineapple topping, and we got sucked into the Biggest Tourist Trap in Hawaii--opening an oyster of your choice and getting a pearl. It was really fun, and the pearl I opened was gorgeous. Of course, they have all sorts of settings for you to choose from to set your new pearl, and of course, they were all hundreds of dollars. So instead, I have my pretty pink little pearl in a mini ziplock bag, just waiting and begging to be put onto a necklace. Daniel, that lucky duck, got twins! Two pearls in his oyster! Perfect for earrings! No fair!

We continued on our way, and finally made it to Laie, where we saw the temple and had lunch at the cafeteria at BYU-Hawaii. It was gross. Hungarian goulash? Blech.

We checked into the 1/4 star motel, the Laie Inn, and walked over to the Polynesian Cultural Center, which is Hawaii's most popular paid tourist attraction. It's staffed by students from BYU-Hawaii, and all the islands you visit have their own little show, which are all really funny. We all got sweet tats and learned a hula dance.

We finished our day there with a luau and a show with lots of dancing and shaking hips and all around awesomeness.

Another early morning the next day, so we crashed early. The Laie Inn is not what you would call a "classy establishment". I'm pretty sure there were mouse turds on the bathroom counter. You be the judge:

I wore flip flips in the shower, it was that bad.

What kind of shoes do people with two left feet wear? Flip flips. :) Now you get it. It wasn't a typo.

Tomorrow: first day of cruise!


Silvs said...

I think my favorite part about the pictures is that you had a remark on I think 98% of them. And your memorization (or fabrication) of hawaiian names and words is unparalleled.

whitandjoel said...

I am peeing my pants in anticipation about the cruise- can you post about it already?

No, he has no idea I posted them!

Bodilly said...

It's nice to see the Bullysports shirts still live on.