Monday, March 17, 2008

Another trip down memory lane....

I think we all remember the post on my transition, but I thought I would expound on it. You know, give you more regular intervals of my transition through life. This will undoubtedly be quite humiliating for me, but please, don't let that stop you from ripping shamelessly on me. Because I know you will anyway.

We start with Preschool. That's me on the left in the front row, with super sweet pink pants and the ruffly shirt. See? I was a cute kid, right? I don't really remember a lot about Preschool, except I learned how to tie my shoes at this time. That has still proven useful to this day.

Moving on to Kindergarten. Still relatively a cute kid. Quite innocent, and look at those dimples. Old men couldn't resist my charm. Notice the cowlick above my right eye. My right, not yours. That thing STILL plagues me.

First grade: Cowlick still in action, and my hair is so thin my barrettes slide out constantly, as you can see. Did my teacher not think to help me out and adjust them for me before I took a picture that would live forever?
Second grade: Enter buck teeth. And the cowlick has begun to take steroids. I think my favorite part about these pictures is seeing what I was wearing. Typical 90's fare, right here. Thing is, it was probably my favorite shirt at the time if I'm wearing it for school pictures.

Third grade: A move to Puerto Rico gives me a healthy tan and beautiful flowing hair, despite the cowlick.

Fourth grade: Still in PR, and rockin' the neon sun dress. I had neon everything at this point. I remember distinctly my favorite t-shirt was a white shirt with a neon green batman logo with mutli-colored neon splatters. So hot. I loved it so much, I actually had 2.

Fifth grade: Things had to go downhill eventually, and 5th grade was the year. Back to the states, and the year Gigantic Blue Glasses made their debut. Too many changes for one year and one girl to handle. While I may not have gotten invited to a ton of birthday parties, I could spell a mean Elephant Word.

Sixth grade: Officially a middle-schooler now, I was in a bigger pond with much bigger, prettier fish. A girl like this can't compete with Kara Taylor, who was blond and perky and a cheerleader. I played my flute instead.
Seventh grade: Quite possibly the worst of them all. The combination of a new school, the cowlick that somehow migrated to the other side and giant bows led to the nickname "Abu". Yes, the monkey in Aladdin.
Eighth grade: Fed up with my hair, I grow it out and fight the cowlick, and my hair repays me by trying to swallow me. Whatever happened to the thin hair of 1st grade?? Things are getting better at this point, though. I'm growing some boobs and I'm friends with the popular kids.

Ninth grade: As if on cue, we pack up and move to Florida just as things are going great. It was a hard move for me, as you can tell from my picture. The only two people to talk to me my first day of high school were two hippy stoner chicks. They never talked to me after that, but they made all the difference to me that first day.

Tenth grade: Things got better quickly. I was making lots of friends, kicking some flute butt in marching band, and rockin' the 90's flannel like nobody's business. And check out how long my hair is. Yikes!

Here is our track picture from this year. Can you find me???

Eleventh grade: STILL in braces, for like the 4th year. Yes, those are overalls. Can you believe this is the year I got a boyfriend? Miracles do happen.

Twelfth grade: Senior year. A pretty good year. I wasn't thrilled with my senior pictures, but I mean, look at my track history. What was I expecting?? I don't know if I'm suffering from a Sun-In job gone wrong or what. I was outside a lot, maybe it's naturally bronzey.

I was band captain my senior year. Check out our sexy uniforms. I don't care what anyone says, I love marching band.
Fast forward to present day: Nursing graduation.

And there you have it. 23 years of me!

Let the trash talk begin!


Kaylynn said...

Arguably the best post ever. I believe what this post is missing, however, is a warning not to eat or drink while reading. I think I choked about 3 times laughing so hard. Your comments are the funniest part. You are sooooo cute in some of thos pictures! I love the growing cowlick. Hilarious. This is Saturday Night Live worthy.

The Henderson's said...

LOL. That was hilarious.

David and Jodee said...

so you're saying that if I can grow some boobies I can hang with the cool kids??? hum I'll try to work on that!

NelsonFamily said...

Miss you! Great post.

Silvs said...

Here's your cyber-pat on the back...

You are strangely such a nerd and yet so cool for how vehemently you embrace marching band.

I love everything about this post, from the pics to the comments. I even liked just scrolling through the pics and seeing the progression from cute to not so cute and back to cute again. Everything always comes full circle.

Nikki said...

Oh my gosh Karen!!! I'm sorry but your pictures really did make me laugh so hard! What an adorable girl! We all have those funny pictures with braces AND a dyed perm (me) ugh. Thanks for putting these up...seriously I think EVERYONE needs to do this. You look gorgeous in your nursing picture btw.

Lara said...

ABU??? Thanks for literally making me spray apple juice all over the keyboard! RUINED!!!

Look at how lovely you've become!