Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I better never, ever be smelly

Today I deep cleaned our bathroom. Not a spring cleaning, but a spring purging. From one small 8x3 room I managed to fill an entire garbage bag full of junk. How is that even possible? I'll tell you how: I try every new hair and/or skin product that makes it out onto the market. It's ridiculous.

As I was cleaning out my fragrance drawer--yes, an entire drawer dedicated to highly scented liquids--I realized I have way too many. Look at my arsenal of things whose sole purpose it to make me smell good. It's not like I smell bad to start with, so why all the additions? I decided it was time to weed through them all and only keep the good ones.

So I began to give each one a test spray, and with each spray I was whisked back to a far away time, and happy memories flooded my mind, and how could I possibly throw away a vessel of such happy thoughts?

Take Autumn, front row, just left of center. A Gap scent that was retired long before it should have been, one sniff of this takes me back to Las Vegas with Laura, Maria, and Forgie. We sprayed that stuff constantly to combat the smoke. Later, when I found out it was discontinued, I rationed it. I still look for it when I got to Gap Outlets, a little glimmer of hope that gets squashed every time.

And then there's Lovespell, the classic Victoria's Secret scent of the early 2000's, just to the left of the behemoth orange bottle on the right. One whiff and I'm transported back to Heather Cove Condominiums, where my roommate Maria hooked me on it. The same apartment where we saw peeping Toms in our window.

And we can't forget Shades, the dark blue bottle in the middle, which I'm sure nobody has ever heard of. I bought it at Wal-Greens in high school, and smelling it reminds me of going to my Senior prom with Tommy, and going to the beach with my friends.

Of course, a staple in every girls repertoire is Cucumber Melon, which was the first gift I received from Derrick when we were first dating. He said it was his favorite, so of course I used it all the time.

I love how certain scents can evoke different feelings and emotions. It's really amazing, isn't it? So naturally, after having mini flashback after mini flashback, did I toss any of them?


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