Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Am I old???

I was up before 8am today, which is really quite a feat for me. Especially considering I didn't get up until 1:30pm yesterday.

So I flip on the tube and realize that my early hour has given me the rare opportunity to see actual music videos on MTV and VH1. You'd think that'd be as common and obvious as seeing food on the Food Network, cartoons on Nickelodeon, or CSI on SpikeTV, but you'd be wrong. So I'm enjoying a little Big 10 and Jumpstart, and I notice that the titles at the beginning and end of the videos are HUGE, and not just in the lower left-hand corner anymore. When did they start doing that? I mean, 7 years ago at BYU it wasn't like that!

Then I realized I'm getting old.

For the most part, I feel like I'm pretty hip to new technology and pop culture-y things. I have an iPod, a Palm Pilot, and a webcam. I know who's in rehab and who's having babies. I know who got booted off of Survivor last week and who sucked on American Idol. I mean, I have all the makings of great water cooler talk, right? There is one modern fad, however, that I feel completely and absolutely clueless about. It's those Webkinz thingies. I have absolutely no idea what they're about, despite an explanation from a girl at work whose kids are nuts about them.

I mean, I'm practically one foot in the grave already. Next thing you'll tell me is there's kids outside playing on flying skateboards.

This is why I need kids: to keep me young. And to do all the chores I hate.


Lara said...

Trust me, when skateboards fly, I will be one of those mean parents who say NO WAY!!!

Wait till you're 35. THEN you'll be decrepit.

Silvs said...

You have a webcam? Who are you? You are blog-post-er extraodinaire this week.

Dave said...

you really are old.