Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New celebri-crush

We saw Enchanted last week and 27 Dresses last night, and now I'm totally in love with James Marsden. How adorable is he??? Too dreamy. Yes, I said dreamy.

Now I need to watch X-Men again. And let's not forget Hairspray. What a fun movie.

27 Dresses was really cute. Derrick didn't gripe too much about going (we all know he secretly likes chick flicks), but walking in he chanted under his breath, "I'm the only dude, I'm the only dude..." Which was NOT true. I counted 3 other guys. As I will be in 3 weddings in the next 7 months, I could totally relate to Katherine Heigl's character. All in all, it was worth the dollar each we paid to see it.

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.Nicotine.Queen. said...

James Marsden. ahhhhh.
I totally agree! But the thing that makes him so gorgeous is the fact that he totally looks like the boy next door!
And seeing as I just dropped $300 on 2 bridesmaids dresses, I feel your pain!