Friday, March 07, 2008

Monday February 18 - Tuesday February 19--Maui

Monday we were in Maui, where we would stay overnight. For some reason I don't have a lot of pictures of Maui. Not sure why.

We got up and headed over to Lahaina and went to Kaanapali Beach. The beach was beautiful, and did some really great snorkeling there. Probably b/c there were guys there feeding the fish these little pellet dealies. The water was nice and warm, and it was really hot, which was awesome.

After the beach we drove over to Front Street and walked around and browsed in the shops. We found a charter to take us snorkeling to Molokini Crater in the morning. After a little lunch and a Jamba Juice (yum!), we changed and went to Warren and Annabelle's, essentially the reason we were even in Hawaii. See, Warren provided the magic for the older Callisters' weddings and Evelyn "just loves" him. 10 years ago he moved to Maui and started his own dinner/theater, and it's been her dream to see him perform there. And it was actually really fun, and incredible close-up magic. We were served delicious appetizers beforehand while Annabelle, the ghost piano, played our requests. We went to both shows that night, which were identical, and a little anti-climatic the second time, but still really, really cool. If you're ever in Maui, I would highly recommend going to see his show. The theater is small, so you get a great show no matter where you're sitting. He's somewhat of a comedian as well, so it's just really an overall great, clean show.

We got home uber late, and we had to get up uber early to make the charter boat, so we cruised back to the ship.

The oldies got their own car and did their own thing while we went on our snorkel trip, which was really fun. The crew of the Frogman II served us breakfast and played music while we sailed to our first destination, Turtle Town. The water is much colder out in the open sea, but we were brave and hopped in without renting a wet suit. We did see turtles here, which was nifty. Then we headed to Molokini Crater, where the water was so unbelievably clear. It was amazing. We saw an eel and a sea snake and parrot fish and all sorts of crazy creatures. I wish I had taken an underwater camera, but I'm sure it wouldn't have done it justice. They fed us a BBQ lunch on the way back, which was surprisingly good, and we saw a ton of whales on the trip back.

That night after dinner we went to the Not So Newlywed Game they were having. I entered Derrick and I into the "0-5 Year" category, and wouldn't you know, we got picked! We were up against 3 other couples. The first round they took the guys away and asked us wives 3 questions:

1) What is something your spouse does that bugs you the most?
2) Besides the alarm clock, what is the first thing your spouse touches when he wakes up in the morning?
3) What is the craziest thing you have seen your spouse do while naked?

Then they took us away and brought the guys back and asked them 4 questions:

1) Where was your first kiss?
2) Which relative would you not want to be on a deserted island with?
3) What size bra does your wife wear?
4) Where is the strangest place you have gotten busy?

So we go through all these questions, and when the points are tallied up, WE WON!! Ha! They gave us a bottle of champagne (which we gave to another couple playing from Wausau) AND we won a package to renew our vows on the deck at sunset later the next day. Events would arise that would prohibit us from attending this oh-so-romantic ordeal, but another bottle of champagne would soon be delivered to our cabin. This time we switched it out for 4 Diet Cokes. Either we got severely screwed or it's really crappy champagne.

Oh, and I'll spare you the answers to the questions. Let's just say Evelyn said she had "mixed emotions" at the end of the game. Haha!

And here is a nice little pic of our crew at dinner that night.

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