Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nipples and weiners

Last night I admitted a family with an 8 year old son. The parents were super laid back and really nice, and I was in and out of their room for awhile getting things set up. At one point the little boy was holding the baby in the rocking chair, and the mom and I got to talking about breastfeeding.

Mom: So do I need to do anything different with my breasts?
Me: Well, when you shower, don't use soap on your nipples, so they don't dry out.

At this point, the little boys' eyes FLEW open at the mention of nipples, and looked around like he heard a naughty word. We all started laughing and his dad said, "You mean nickels, right? Code words! Code words!!"

It was so funny, and you probably had to be there, but I kept apologizing through my laughs. I excused myself and said I'll be back to talk about it with her later after they left. The weird thing is, I heard this conversation before the dad and son:

Dad: C'mon, let's go. We don't want to see mom feed the baby.
Son: Yes we do. Why not?
Dad: No way. I mean, anyway, we have adult movies at home. We don't need to see it here!

Who tells their 8 year old son that???? Creepy.

On to the weiners portion of the post. There is a lady who wants to get a group together and see this:
Anybody wanna go?? I mean, c'mon, it's the ancient art of genital origami!!!


David and Jodee said...

I have adult movies at home so I'll pass on this.

Dave said...

I prefer to keep my origami shows private and to pass on viewing others' shows.