Saturday, July 26, 2008

The USPS saves the day. For once.

If you saw my at the mall yesterday with a slight limp, with a mysterious black square on my heel, worry not. My shoe (which has never caused me problems before) gave me a blister. I usually have a little band aid dispenser in my purse, but for some reason it was nowhere to be found. Sometimes I tuck one in my wallet, so I looked there, but no luck. Then I saw stamps. A-ha! I peeled off a measly one-cent stamp and slapped it on my blister.

Hey, they're cheaper than band aids!!

Side note: As I was admiring my clever resourcefulness, I started thinking about my punk rock days at BYU when I dated members of local bands, one of which was named One Cent Stamp, previously known as Spitball. I think their biggest break was recording a cover of a primary song for "The R.M.", which really isn't that big a break at all now, is it? Band boys aren't really to be trusted, as I was kissed and then promptly dumped for my friend. Jerk.

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