Friday, July 25, 2008

Who knew?

Last weekend was a fun weekend. We didn't even go out of town or anything, we just hung out around here. Friday night we saw Mamma Mia!, which I have been super excited to see. It's my favorite musical, so I was pumped to see the movie. And on opening night, no less! Of course, we were like the only ones in the theater, b/c everyone else was at The Dark Knight next door, but that's ok. I should have had lower expectations, though, b/c it was not as good as the live production, obviously. For a musical, the singing was not great ('s a musical...pick good voices!) but it was a fun movie and made me want to go to Greece. And it renewed my adoration for Abba.

Saturday I had to work, but I got off early so we went to dinner at Cracker Barrel, because we were craving breakfast, and I didn't feel like cooking. It was delicious, like always, and then as we were leaving we were browsing through the little general store I challenged Derrick to a game of giant checkers. He scoffed at me saying, "Checkers is a game for losers." Well, we must be a couple of losers, b/c we played one game, ONE GAME, and it lasted 30 minutes. No joke. It was pretty intense. Checkers. There's actually a lot of strategy involved! I was ahead, with a sweet triple jump cutting him down to one checker against my dominating 4. I started making dumb mistakes, and eventually he took me down. It was surprisingly a lot of fun, and as soon as we got outside he started jumping up and down and yelling in triumph that he beat me. Who knew checkers could be so much fun?? Old men in the south playing on their porches I guess. Or old men playing in city parks. Way to keep a secret, you old geezers.

Side note: most of the pictures I found of men playing checkers featured Asian men. Is this a cultural thing I don't know about??


Dave said...

I am glad you went to see Mama Mia instead of The Dark Knight. One should not cast pearls before swine.

If there is one true and perfect movie on the face of the planet, it is The Dark Knight. I know it with every fiber of my being.

Repent. The day when you will be held accountable for your movie selections is soon approaching.

Silvs said...

The more important question is not if checkers is a cultural thing, but why you went to such lengths in the first place to find pictures of white men playing checkers when there are obviously plenty of good ones featuring asian men. Why you gotta hate on the yellow man?

And repent. I can't believe your husband watched Mamma Mia before The Dark Knight. I don't care if it was his suggestion. It just goes to show how much you have stripped him of his pride and masculinity. May your child be a daughter because your husband is ill-equipped to raise a boy into a man. I said it.

Lara said...

I LOVE the Cracker Barrel store--I could spend an HOUR in there!

I want to take Hubby to see MM, but he's seen it three times in NYC and he's "burned out" on it. Is Pierce's singing as bad as I've heard??


Bodilly said...

I can't believe it took you that long to go to Cracker Barrel after we spent three hours talking about that place driving back from Chicago.