Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yikes! Bikes!

Harley Davidson's 105th Anniversary is this weekend, and I swear every single Harley in town is out on the roads. Who celebrates 105th anniversaries anyway? I'm a little glad we'll be out of town this weekend when they're out in full force. They are too loud, and they drive me crazy. I am very well putting my own life at jeopardy by saying that. Milwaukeeans are nuts about their Hogs.

And, just a little plug here, if you do ride, WEAR A HELMET!!! Nothing drives me crazier than seeing cyclists without helmets. It's just like asking to die. If you're not smart enough to wear a helmet, there's probably not much up there worth protecting anyway.

Tonite on my way home from work, a bicyclist, a young punk kid dressed in all black, decided to cross a busy, 6 lane road, in the dark. I didn't see him until maybe 20 feet away, and he was in the lane next to mine. I slammed on my brakes, laid on the horn, all the crap in my car went flying, he stopped, and I swore at him. Too bad he didn't hear me.

Apparently he also had a death wish.


Lara said...

Yeah, I remember this time of year. Except we lived RIGHT NEXT to the factory, where they all congregated. My kids were always yelling and pointing. It's like seeing aliens or something!

Jessica said...

I feel like I too may be assassinated for agreeing with you, but I can't stand when they drive by, it's such noise pollution! I think they just have to compensate for their small wee-wee's.

Silvs said...

I know this is a comment on an old post, but I'm avoiding doing my reading.

Just to clarify...when you said cyclist, did you mean like on a bicycle? Or did you mean on a motorcycle? Because they prefer biker. Cyclists only refers to bicycle riders, but I'm sure you already knew that.

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