Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Give it up for Tampa Bay!

Let's hear it for the Devil Rays D-Rays Rays!

They'll always be the Devil Rays to me. They were the first MLB game I went to. I was there when Wade Boggs hit his 3,000th hit. And even though I may not follow them super close, they'll always hold a special place in my little baseball heart.

I was hoping the Brewers would make it all the way, too. When they were in the playoffs, the city was nuts. It was pretty exciting, actually. Everyone was pro-Brewers. We had tickets to games 3 and 4, but we couldn't go. Bummer, huh?

I'm pretty happy the Phillies made it though...they did their spring training in Clearwater, where I went to high school! So if I had a second favorite team, it would be them. Every spring our marching band would park cars at the field where they practiced, and then we'd get to watch the games for free. It was pretty sweet. So for 4 years I watch the Phillies practice. We even had the Clearwater Phillies minor league team...except now I think they're the Thrashers. Lame.

Anyway....I know this is boring. But essentially what it means is that I'll be watching the World Series more this year than in years past. Which I'm sure will make Derrick so proud.


Bodilly said...

Wade Boggs. Wow look at you pull out that name. Impressive. There's a good Cheers episode where they steal Wade Boggs' pants.

NelsonFamily said...

Missing you and just thought I would let you know. Great friends like you don't come around often.