Thursday, October 16, 2008

Trip to Zion

We went to Provo this past weekend...Saturday through Wednesday. Like any trip, but especially to Provo, it was fattening and fun. Derrick was recruiting for Kohl's, and I tagged along. He worked, I shopped. We got into town just in time to catch the Homecoming game, which was fa-reezing, but it didn't snow or rain like we thought it would so all was good. And we won. Double bonus.

Highlights, by category:

  • Tucano's
  • Sonic (x2)
  • Burger Supreme
  • Teriyaki Styx
  • Cafe Rio
  • Sconecutter
  • Wingshak
  • Jamba Juice
  • Gardner Family, All Around Incredible Family who spoils us silly
  • Scott, whose place we crashed for two nights
  • Antony, who lost to me in bowling
  • Maika, old roomie extraordinaire
  • Chris, First-time Chicago Marathoner Champion
  • Hannah & Johanna, past Laurels now BYU freshmen
  • Gerardo, newly engaged fellow beaner friend who I met in a random class
  • Spencer and Nikki, New Parents to adorable Miles
  • Derrick's dad, Grandma, and cousins in Salt Lake
  • Deseret Book (Hooray for Lion House Rolls!)
  • Church Distribution Center (Books)
  • The Quilted Bear (Seriously, Utahns are just so much more creative than midwesterners)
  • BYU Bookstore (Baby BYU cheerleader outfit!! Too cute!!!)
Overall, it was a fab trip. I've decided that Provo is an excellent place to visit, but I don't think I'd live there if I weren't a student.

Till next time, Provo!


Nikki said...

It was so fun seeing you guys! You are the cutest pregnant girl, and I know I said I'll never tell pregnant girls that (only because I never believed it myself when I was prego), but there's just something about being pregnant and noticing it from the outside. You're beautiful.

NelsonFamily said...

Wish I could have been there. Luv the cougar nose!!

Silvs said...

Who took that awesome pic of you in the Cougar Eat? Must be some stud.

Yeah, I just used the word stud.

Jake, Sarah and Jackson said...

Little Ms Karen, you hardly have a belly! Where is the baby? You look really good and I am so glad you guys had fun. To bad you didn't have warmer weather though.

DeAnn said...

Yeah, Provo is a good place to visit. We always hit the Creamery, Los Hermanos and Training Table. I'm jealous you got to see a game--cute nose!

The Henderson's said...

Good to see the Cougar nose back in action. It was definitely missed here in Seattle.

Captain Emus said...

Karen, I found your blog through Scott's blog. And because I constantly stalk Derrick online.

Anyway, I'm personally offended that the Wingshak comes in second to last on your Food List - behind the Sconecutter! Please tell me you put the list together chronologically.

That's all. I like wings.

Oh, and Derrick looks great in football pants.