Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Civic Duty

Wouldn't it be awesome if you showed up to the polls to vote and just spit out your name to the little old lady sitting there and she handed you a ballot. No ID, nothing, just your word that your name is really your name. She reads your address to you and you say "Yup! That's it!" You take your long blue ballot and head to an empty booth where you fill in the arrow next to the candidate of your choice. You look over, some people are doing it together. You know, like a group project. Well, my friends, move to Milwaukee and that's just what you would find!

You need to show your License to write a check, to fly in an airplane, but not to vote? Oh, because I showed it when I registered that counts? What about my husband, who still rocks a California license? Interesting, I say.

Either way, we got up early and stood in line before the polls opened to try and beat the crowds. We were maybe 2 of 10 or so white folks in line. There was just one Republican choice (McCain/Palin) on the entire ballot. ONE. Wonder who's going to win our district....


vanessa said...

Did you hear that if you show your I Voted sticker to Ben and Jerry's they'll give you free ice cream? Too bad the closest one is in Kenosha or something.

Kaylynn said...

Yeah, it's the same in CA. No ID, no nothing. I took a gander at the list ( the lady didn't even care) and saw that I was still Olsen. So, she asked my name, I said Kaylynn Olsen (which isn't even legally true) and there I went!

I heard that only 24 states require ID to vote. Interesting.

You can also get free Starbucks and free Krispy Kremes = Hey lazy people, get off your duff and do your civic duty and we'll help you get fatter!

Samantha said...

Same here. No id or anything. You could just tell them some random person's address and vote for them. I was thinking I should go and give friends' addresses and vote a bunch of times. That's the thing, it's all about "vote! Civic duty! Your voice matters! your vote counts!" But sometimes I feel so ... bleh about that. So much can go wrong in an election and in tallying votes, it seems so ripe for corruption and mistakes, who knows who "actually" won. Plus someone can win the popular vote and not the election, as we all know.

About your last post-what if the "8" on your costume meant you had 8 tiny babies in there??!?! It would be Karen and Derek plus 8!

DeAnn said...

I hear ya. We're not sure how much more of this liberal cesspool we can take.