Monday, November 17, 2008


Saturday night my good friend Linda hosted a baby shower for me. The theme was "A Star is Born", and everything was SO adorable. So many of my friends were there, and many of them helped Linda by bringing delicious food. It was so surreal to be there knowing it was for me. I have been to countless baby showers, and I knew one day I would have one, but now that it was here, it was so weird.

But more than feeling weird, I was really just overcome with such a sense of gratitude, and how blessed I am to have so many wonderful, generous friends. We knew moving to Milwaukee was the right decision 4 years ago, but we had no idea what was in store for us. I have to say that we have survived the past 4 years--the past 4 winters--mostly because of the great friends we have made here.

Apparently hormonal, I teared up at the end of the shower, and then while I was driving home thinking about my great friends, I started crying again. What a wreck! But I can't say THANK YOU enough to everyone for coming and making it such a fun night! It really meant a lot to me to have everyone there!

Here's some pictures Linda took:

Adorable paper onesies Linda made:

Paper stars hung from the ceiling, and everyone wrote advice on them for me. Thanks to Linda and Jessica for cutting them all out!

Isn't this cake amazing?? Jodee and her crafty self made this not only awesome-looking, but awesome-tasting cake! And the best part is that it's based off my nursery theme and colors!

We played fun games--match celebrity babies and their parents, and a really cute one where there was a list of attributes (eyes, skin, driving ability), and people had to guess if I wanted the baby to take after me or Derrick.

It's all beginning to become more real, seeing a bathtub, and diapers, and toys in the baby's room.

8 more weeks!!


amy said...

i'm bummed i missed it. i'm glad it was a great shower, though.

Samantha said...

I too am bummed. I am so glad it was fun. I hope you got more pictures than that b/c you will never forget your shower!

8 weeks!!?!?!? YAY!!
I'm kind of jealous you are going through all this b/c that was such a fun time in my life, but as my baby is growing up that is what it was all about essentially, and this is the most rewarding thing ever too so I shouldn't be jealous! Wait, maybe this means I want another baby.

Sara and Brian said...

K! I am so sad I was not able to come up to the wonderful state of cheese (and Sprechers....which I found here!)! It looks like it was a beautiful shower. I am so excited for you and D to have your new bundle of joy!

Nikki said...

That looks like the most fun shower! You are getting there! She's almost here and after the holidays you are going to freak out because she'll be on her way! You need to post pics of the nursery or something. You have the cutest belly too!! I'm glad you post them...good luck in the next few weeks!!