Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another new baby!!

Congrats to Joel & Whitney O'Neill, and their new beautiful baby boy, Carson Patrick! I got to see the new family in the hospital today. I couldn't get enough of him and his squishy feet and hands. He is such a sweet, sweet baby. I can't wait for him and Summer to be BFFs!

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Yours, Mine, &, Crazy Daisy said...

Gorgeous! What a cute couple!
Congrats O'Neill's!!!

Ashley C. said...

summer's hair is to die for- seriously!! what a cutie.

Sarah said...

I have been waiting to see pics of their little boy. Both babies are so adorable! And I just love all of Summer's hair.

Jessica said...

I love the new babies! I can't wait for the parties to come where they are holding hands and playing together! He's so cute, I'm glad you posted some pics! I'm so jealous of Summer's hair, its gorgeous!

Lara said...

I love the name Carson! Then again, I'm biased.

;-) Such adorable pictures!