Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Scouting Scam

Thin Mints are arguably one of the best cookies known to man. Well, of cookies that come in boxes, I suppose. Every year I buy Girl Scout Cookies, and every year I buy Thin Mints, and maybe a box or two of the new flavors that year. Well, I was organizing my pantry shelves yesterday and came across a box of Thin Mints from last year. (I is that even possible??) The old box is on the left. This year's box is on the right.

Do you see what I see?? A noticeably smaller box. Last year's box? 10 oz. This years? 9 oz. That's a 10% decrease. Did I pay 10% less for these cookies? NO! I still paid a whopping $3.50 per box. At the risk of sounding like my grandparents (or parents for that matter)...when I was a kid selling Girl Scout Cookies they were $2 a box!!

Worse still, the Nutrition Facts remain unchanged from last year.

Serving Size: 4 cookies (yeah right...more like 14)
Servings per Container: about 8

Which leads us to deduce there are about 32 cookies per box. Now, based on the 10% decrease in ounces, we can deduce that there are 10% less cookies, or 3.2 cookies. Which takes us down to 28.8 cookies. Assuming a serving size remains the same, we are down to 7.2 servings per container. Almost a full serving less. That's outrageous.

I want my 35 cents back. Actually, I bought 3 boxes this year. Make that $1.05. And don't give me the whole "it's for a good cause" spiel. What's the cause? Contributing to my fatness? Since I started writing this post I've scarfed down 6 easily. They should be called Chubby Mints.

Did you not think the American public would not notice this, little Brownies? Do you think we will continue to support an organization that cheats us? You damn well better believe we will, because as Derrick said it best, "They put crack cocaine in those little cookies."

Total eaten: 9


Lara said...

Well, I believe they put TWICE the amount of crack in the Caramel Delights...


Emmy said...

Lol! I love the thin mint ones too

Silvs said...

I ate an entire box of thin mints while driving back home from California earlier this week.

I just referred to Utah as home. Ugh.

MidCityGal said...

Ohh that's terrible. I can't believe this recession is even getting to the girl scouts!!! I feel indignant, but I'm probably still going to buy some cookies this year.

Christine said...

We boycotted Girl Scouts this year. They're $4.00 a box here in CA! What's up with that? I don't like how they made it seem like we were getting a DEAL because they didn't increase the price. Yeah, except we figured out that they put less cookies in the box. Nice try.... My kids eat them way to fast anyway. I'm not missing them at all.

Jessica said...

I actually did hear about the decrease in the boxes a couple of months ago on the radio. They said it was due to the economy! Whatever!