Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2 month checkup

Monday Summer had her 2 month appointment. Which also meant she had to get 2 shots. I was dreading it. They poked each leg at the same time, and she screamed higher and louder than I've ever heard her scream before. Sooo sad. Luckily she was easily comforted and fell right asleep on the way home, and then slept the rest of the afternoon and night, waking up only to eat. Poor girl.

She weighed in at 10 lb. 11.5 oz, in the 30th percentile. Still our little chunk, though.
She's 21.5" long, in the 13th percentile. What do you expect from midget parents?

She's in her own room now, sleeping in her crib. She loves it. Never even looked back at her pack-n-play. Everyone sleeps better now. In fact, she goes down around 7 and wakes up around 1 or 2 to eat, then again at 6 or 7. We're a little screwed up due to Daylight Savings, but we're getting back on track slowly. My favorite is when she wakes up for the day, around 9, and just talks in her crib until I come get her and she's all smiles when she sees me. Love it.

And I love these blue eyes!


Maria said...

Man, I am just now getting Davis out of our bed!

Sarah Patten said...

Wow! Good job with the schedule for the little peanut. I cannot help but chuckle because at birth, Morgan was 22 inches and 9lbs 11oz. Hahah.

Stewart Family said...

She is so cute. Her eyes are so beautiful!

MidCityGal said...

She is a beautiful baby! Hey, just a thought. You mentioned last week that Summer still wasn't sleeping through the night. From what I understand, most babies start to sleep through the night when they approach 12 lbs. So, give her some time to chunk up a bit and then she'll probably start lasting all night. Just an idea-- feel free to disregard my random advice, since every baby is very different. She is adorable, though.

Nikki said...

So cute! She is simply adorable!!! I love those blue eyes too. I can't believe how much she has changed. Sounds like you are getting your routine down with sleep so that's good. She's still so itsy bitsy :) I think she looks so much like Derrick! Darling

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