Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Word Nerd

Derrick and I like to quiz each other on song artists. He usually dominates, especially if it's a song from the 80's. Last night "Funkytown" came on, and I always ask him who sings it and he never remembers.

So I told him, "Lipps. Lipps, Inc."

He asked, "Like lipsync?"

I had never heard it like that before, but I'm sure that's the play on words they were going for. I instantly fell in love with that name. I was literally tickled over it, I couldn't stop giggling about what a clever name it is.

Derrick then mentioned how he's still "got it" and how glad he is that he can make me laugh, make me happy. I told him yes, he gives me great wordplay, and who needs foreplay when you have great wordplay?

I cracked myself up again and in my mind was thinking about how I was going to blog about this conversation. Then he disrupts my thoughts and says, "You're already writing the blog in your head, aren't you?"

MFEO, baby, MFEO.

But seriously, folks, there is nothing I love more than a clever phrase, a witty saying. A secret meaning that oftentimes goes unnoticed. I started a minor in Linguistics at BYU, and I wish I had finished it.

And can I tell you again how excited I am to have a working library card? I've already puts lots of books that I've been wanting to read on hold. I haven't read anything non-baby related in months. My poor brain is craving some educational intake. And since I've cut out a lot of TV lately, I have plenty of time to read!

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Lara said...

Chad loves to "rewrite" song lyrics as he sings along, and he's HILARIOUS. For instance, when we were dating: "Total Eclipse of the Heart" turned into "Total Ecliptic Fart."

Yeah, after 13 years he can still make me laugh! :-D