Thursday, April 02, 2009

3 months!

Our little girls is 3 months old today! My, how time flies! We have been so lucky to be given Summer to love and raise. I always thought it was soo cheesy when parents would gush about "what a joy it is" to have a kid and blah blah blah. Alas, I have fallen into the cheese trap. She really does bring so much joy into our lives. Just seeing her smile at us makes me ridiculously happy, to the point that I almost squeal with delight. Oh no. I've turned into a Sappy Mom. Heaven help me.

(I just love this picture. Her expression says it all: "Getting kissed AGAIN??"

Some of Summer's favorites include:
  • Her swing. She would watch those little birdies go 'round and 'round for hours if we let her.
  • Her car seat/car rides. A screaming, frantic little girl will be silenced instantly when she's picked up in her seat. At church, it's the only way to get her to sleep. Long gone are the days when she's sleep in my arms. So sad for this mama.
  • Music. She loves the little thing that came with our pack n play that plays lullabies.
  • Being swaddled. She can't sleep unless she's swaddled. I think she likes being tight and cozy.
  • Singing time with Dad. He sings to her in the evening, and doesn't even care that he gets all the words wrong, like Mom does.
  • Bathtime. She loves to kick and feel the water pour over her big ol' belly.
  • Blowing spit bubbles. This is one drooly kid. I can't even imagine what it'll be like when she starts teething.
  • Sucking on her hands and wrists. You'd think we were starving her around here. But look at those rolls, we definitely are not.

Things she isn't so fond of:
  • Tummy time. She hates it. As soon as you put her on the floor, she starts complaining. (Don't let the picture fool you...she really hates it.)
  • Getting her boogers sucked out. I can empathize with her on that one. That can't feel good. But dang, that kid gets a lot of boogers.
  • Taking a bottle. She used to be so good at it, and now, no more. How am I supposed to go back to work if she won't take a bottle??? Shucks...
  • .....that's all I can think of. She's pretty easy going!

We just bought tickets to fly to TX to see my family in 3 weeks. I'm super nervous about how she'll travel, knowing she really only likes to sleep in her crib or car seat, neither of which we'll have onboard. Maybe she'll fall asleep in the Baby Bjorn (Thanks, Patty!!!) Either way, I'm super pumped to go and feel the sun. A warm sun. And eat some amazing barbecue. And see my family. And be warm. And not be in Milwaukee.

We love our little Summer Cottontail!


Jessica said...

Wow, I can't believe how much she is starting to look like you! Especially in the first pic, and I love love love the one of daddy's kiss, too funny! That's one for the scrapbooks.

Emmy said...

Such cute pictures! Just keep watching and taking lots of pictures and videos, it goes by too fast! Videos are so great as they will never make those little noises again.

Jodee Luke said...

so cute! man she really is getting old! i'm glad you guys are going to see some fam...and sun...maybe there will be a little Luke when you return!

Maria said...

Too precious. Keep the pictures coming. They grow up even faster when you only occasionally see pictures. Miss you!

Samantha said...

I'm always worried about plane trips before I go (twice with Zara) and they have been alright. Just bring lots of stuff, I don't know? Feed her a lot?

I can't tell who she looks like! I mean Derrick's coloring but as far as looks I can't tell. She has A LOT of hair! Lucky! It looks auburn in some pictures. Cute.

Ruth said...

She is so beautiful. I really like her expression in the bath picture- so happy! Good luck with the plane rides- I know I always get nervous about those too. But I'm sure your family can't wait to see Summer!!

vanessa said...

I especially love the bath picture. So cute. I can't believe how fast she's growing up. She's adorable. Oh and I'm going to Texas in three weeks too! (Houston) Yay for warm weather!

Dev/Meg said...

I know exactly what you mean about the plane ride. When Brooke was that age, she didn't sleep in my arms anymore either, so I was always so stressed out before the plane ride. But I know Summer will be fine. I always ended up being stressed for nothing. Using the Baby Bjorn is a perfect idea! I wish I would've thought of that!

Sarah Patten said...

Hey there.

No worries on the bottle - did you try giving it to here when you are not in the vacinity. I heard they can sense us up to 30 feet away!

Morgan had that problem too, but when she is at Debbie's she takes a bottle just fine now. Weird, but it is easier with me "for sure" gone. But then again, sometimes she doesn't take it when she is not that hungry. It works out, no worries.

Yours, Mine, &, Crazy Daisy said...

Have a great time! The Bjorn will be great in the airport. You or Derrick will have arms/hands free to carry all of your luggage. Bring back some BBQ AND some sunshine!

Nikki said...

I must agree, I think she is the cutest thing since Miley Cyrus...k, I hate Miley but Summer is the cutest thing ever. I love her hair, eyes and smile. I also love that you are a sappy, cheesy mommy. Welcome to the club. I can't believe she is 3 mos already! I also like that she doesn't like tummy time, Miles hated it too and I thought he was crazy...but I'm sure that's normal right? That bath picture is to die for...haha..what a doll!!

Lindsey said...

She's adorable in the pictures! As for the flight, don't worry one bit. I worried so much when I flew by myself with Carly and she ended up being better on the plane than she ever was at home! Just make sure you ask for any open seats so you can bring the car seat on the plane. She'll do fine! Good luck!