Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Before and After

I've had this old shower curtain laying around for a couple years now. My intention was to turn it into pillows, but that never happened.

Now that our inaugural airline trip with car seat and stroller is upon us, I've fretted about it getting trashed by the baggage guys. Linda is letting me use her car seat cover, so that just left the stroller.

Well, a little motivation and 30 minutes later, viola! I have created a masterpiece! I used no pattern, I googled nothing. It came straight from my brain. I'm so proud of myself. Yes, that is a sewn in drawstring you see. And yes, that is a handle on the side you see as well.

Dang, my arm is getting sore from patting myself on the back.

We leave for the airport in 7 hours, (3:30 am...yikes!) and yet, here I am still blogging and watching Idol.

I need help.

Wish us luck on the plane tomorrow!!


Sarah said...

Great job Karen! Don't worry though, I have flown so many times with Jackson, car seat and stroller and the airport actually has plastic bags that you can use. Yours is way more stylish though! I have never had any issues with anything getting trashed. Anyways, good luck on the plane. It is always stressful the first time you fly with a baby, but once you do it once there is nothing to it.

Jessica said...

Good job, see ya soon!

Linda said...

I am in awe of your craftiness. I bow to your sewing mastery. Seriously, though, good work! Hope everyone and everything makes it through the flight ok!

Lara said...

I am impressed!

Nikki said...

You are amazing! Good luck!

Jessica said...

You have too much stinkin' talent