Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Mountains of Mascots

For whatever reason, over the years I have accumulated quite the collection of photos with mascots. Now it's become somewhat of an obsession of mine. I went through all of my photos (digital, at least) and pulled all the mascot ones for your enjoyment.

I realize this is not a mascot, but a supersized backpack. Things that are giant are somehow equally as intriguing to me.

No, your eyes do not deceive you, that is me dressed as an apple with Frankie Furter, the Hot Dog. One day I'll run in the Sausage Race, rest assured.

Here I am with my friend, Mr. Pig. Where's Tad Hamilton?
I realize this is sort of cheating. Still, a huge ticket! This was at Wrigley Field.
At the Hershey store in downtown Chicago. If I were made of chocolate and peanut butter, I'd be smiling that big all the time, too.
Mascot of the best airline ever, the chocolate chip cookie. Seriously, those in-flight cookies rival Tollhouse's. Taken at the WI State Fair.

I think this is a Salty Sea Dog, on Navy Pier in Chicago.

With Paws, the Detroit Tigers' mascot- Comerica Park at the 2006 World Series.

Tony the Tiger at the Kellog's Museum in Battle Creek, MI. He's grrrrrrreat! Although not sure what he's looking at.

Ok, not technically a mascot. He was outside the Mirage theater after we saw LOVE. Which I LOVED.

With Miss Green M&M at the M&M store in Las Vegas. One of the best trips ever, thanks to Sara joining me while Derrick worked.

The Pea Pod guy. I think he delivers groceries?? This was when I auditioned for Wheel of Fortune at Steinhafels.

The Jelly Belly Man! Love those little beans! Found him in Old Town Sacramento.

Hate Spam, love this guy. WI State Fair again. Always a great place for mascot photo-ops.

See, told you I liked him.
What's in the middle? The White Stuff.

Hey! Kool-Aid! A very sad, deflated looking Kool-Aid Man.

Quite possibly the crown jewel of mascot photos, Cosmo Cougar. Need I say more?

And taken just last week in Madison, Mr. State Street Brat, whoever the heck he is. But more importantly, it's Summer's first mascot photo. But certainly not her last!


josieposie said...

Holy obsession! Funny that you are in such places to have mascots walking around at all times! Midwest - gotta love it.

Jessica said...

Love this post, perfect example of the many reasons you are so lovable, your total quirkyness! Um are you sure Summer wants to gain this obsession from her mommy. She doesn't look as stoked as you do.

vanessa said...

Awesome post. Too bad you're always gone for the Strawberry Festival. Last year they had a Hello Kitty mascot. Oh and I think I blogged about our Sussex Easter Egg Hunt having no easter bunny, just a GW mascot (George Webb Restaurant). They're everywhere!

Emmy said...

Wow! That is pretty amazing! I didn't even realize there were that many different mascots out there ;)
And yes Cosmo is the best!

Sarah Paaaten said...

And you guys say I'm odd....

Samantha said...

Wow, that's quite an impressive collection there! I don't know if I even have one pic of me with a mascot.

wackywilsons said...

I am impressed! What a collection...this is a great post b/c it shows what a true lover of mascots you are!

When will you print out your blog? I want a copy of your quirky daily thoughts!

Yours, Mine, &, Crazy Daisy said...

Best post of the day! You need to get Bango! the bucks mascot. He can do it all


Sarah said...

It's official.... you are the "Mascot Queen"!

Daniel Smith said...

Did that Spam mascot guy remember you? We're gonna have to find some mascots on Friday, so excited about Friday!!!!!!!

Lara said...

*sigh* Now you just need the Oscar Meyer Weiner car!


Sara and Brian said...

That's right1 The best trip ever in Vegas! It really was! I hope we can one day recreate such a wonderful event! Oh and I would like to say, if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't be with the Jelly Belly mascot, too. Wasn't that when you came to my wedding???