Thursday, June 11, 2009

Scrap it up!

Thanks to my good friends Maria and Alexis I've been motivated to start digital scrapbooking. Again. For some reason I've just been too overwhelmed to start. So many flowers, ribbons, bows, papers! I didn't even know where to start! But both of these ladies are excellent are explaining things to me, and here I have proof that I can do it! My first (again?) page!

Hopefully I can stay on top of this and scrap as she grows, and not scramble to finish her first 20-some-odd years as a wedding gift.


Emmy said...

I love digital scrapbooking! So much easier, especially since all of my pictures are digital.

Jodie said...

Hey Karen!
Maybe this is a stupid question, but what program do you use to do this? I have only seen like digital photobooks, but none this cute. Could you let me know? Thanks. By the way Summer is so cute. Isn't it so fun to be a mommy of girls?

Kara Pothier said...

You're a natural...but you realize this may become an obsession. Is your mascot obsession ready to take the back seat? Just something you should think about before carelessly plunging in!

Samantha said...

I was just going to ask what program/website do you guys use for digital scrapbooking? It is faster...I will consider it...but is it expensive?

Karen said...

Jodie and Sam--I have Photoshop Eelements 5.0. The newest version is 7.0 and about a $100, but I think you can get 5.0 for around $40. 5.0 can do everything I need it to I guess. I don't know what I'm missing. Once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy. It's definitely cheaper than paper scrapbooking! There are TONS of free downloads you can find on the internet. And you can print your pages out so you can still have a book of pages.

I'm still super new at this, but if you have other questions, let me know!