Tuesday, June 23, 2009


No, I'm not talking about the TV show, which I've never seen.

I'm talking about how I feel right now. Don't worry, this isn't a crazy philosophical post. Why am I lost??

My genius, detail-oriented husband left for New York City this morning and took my phone. Not his phone. MY PHONE.

Great. Now I get to hear the BYU fight song each and every time it rings. Now I have to futz through his presets to send a text, calculate something, set an alarm.

So annoyed.

So, if you need to reach me between now and Thursday night, call his phone. It's practically the same number. Same area code, same prefix, but add 478 to the last four digits of MINE to get his.

Aren't I so clever to deter the stalkers??


Emmy said...

Yes I was getting worried there you were about to post your entire number :) I thought, she can't be that stupid!

Jessica said...

So sad. I would feel so lost too, no phone numbers nothing!We should do dinner at Sonic this week!!!

Daniel Smith said...

I guess you better go buy one of those $99 iPhones, huh?

Lara said...

GADS I would go crazy! I have no idea how to work Chad's Instinct--I can't even answer it! Luckily I have a daughter whose phone I could steal for the week!

Good luck! I feel for you!